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God certainly uses the discussion of gay marriage in my life!  How about you?

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How God Can Use the Discussion of Gay Marriage
 How God uses gay marriage! What do we do when facing a myriad of ethical choices that
go against the Word of God? How do we focus our mind, and process behaviors? Things do not happen haphazardly with God!   We can be certain that through His sovereign

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The Balance Between Living and Planning
We tend to think of life as a journey!   The potential problem arises when we are more
focused on where we may BE one day, and not taking the time to enjoy where we
are NOW. How do we balance the need to plan for the future with the
enjoyment of the present...

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Who is in your way?

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Who is in your way?
is in your way? We should have methods to our day!   We should clearly understand these methods,
even if part of the method is living spontaneously (which is a method). The worst thing we can do is to not make plans, goals,
etc.   Even worse, is to not ...

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Part 1 (of 3): Why Does God Withhold Truth From Some
Guest post by Peter Van Kleek             When addressing the question, "Why does God withhold the truth from some people?" , we are faced
with a series of answers.   Three of which
are: 1. The great commission is not being fulfilled; 2. some souls do not

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Why I love my kids playing on my phone!!
My wife is very structured in “electronics time” for our
children.   The time they have to play on
electronics is predetermined, giving them this time to look
forward to that they will be able to pick a form of electronics to enjoy. One of the things I init...

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Leaders—what’s the purpose of your gifts
Ephesians 4:12 For the PERFECTING of the saints For the WORK of the ministry For the EDIFYING of the body of Christ Perfecting: Greek word:       kat-ar-tis-mos'               (Meaning to “completely equip”) *The purpose of the gifted leaders is to complete...

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UNITY : "It is the choice we make to make the same choice"
Thought:   UNITY    What does this mean? Simply put, "it is the choice we make to make the same choice". We may not always feel like (in our flesh) to choose biblical standards, but the unity of the body will be accomplished when we "make the choice to make...
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