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Bio Cleanse Detox Kit
An organic detox kit to help remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.
An organic detox kit to help remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.


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Another Review from a friendly customer:

"I’m writing this testimonial in hopes that others may benefit from the Bio Cleanse “Herbal Detox Kit” program as much as I have.

After doing much research and asking many questions, I chose to purchase one “Herbal Detox Kit” along with four additional “Toxin Remover” containers as I believed that I had far more toxins in me than one cleanse could eliminate. I was correct! I chose to do 3 back to back cleanses and another one recently to eliminate as many toxins as possible. It was one thing to read and view other people’s toxic purges, and another to see it for (and from) myself!

What I eliminated was visually vile and malodorous. But it was also a great relief to expel that from my body. I found the Toxin Remover products surprisingly pleasant to ingest, especially when combined with apple juice. It also helped to assuage my hunger, but I still did find myself hungry at times and did miss eating food! (the only drawback). I was pleasantly surprised to experience virtually no fasting “withdrawal” symptoms as the juice and Bio Cleanse products helped to mitigate typical cleansing reactions from fasting. However, I was equally surprised that during the program itself, I felt no improvement until the conclusion of the program as I think my body’s energy was focused on cleansing.

However, once the cleanse was completed, I felt like a million dollars! The most noticeable change was how clear my mind was and how much sharper I could think. Have you ever struggled to remember someone’s name or a word that is “at the tip of your tongue”? With my cleaner gut came a cleaner mind and, with that, I could suddenly remember words, people’s names, and many other things that previously I would have forgotten. Even when I communicate, such as writing this testimonial, I utilize a vocabulary that is beyond what would normally come to a previously “foggier” brain.

Physically, I was and remain in good health, but have seen a material drop in the amount of adipose tissue (i.e. fat) around my abdomen, which my wife has called “sexy’! She has also commented on my clear complexion (a cleaner inside reflects in a clearer outside). I have also noticed more energy and arise easier in the morning, a result I believe from my body no longer storing and needing to expend energy constantly fighting the many toxins I was carrying.

As a result of these positive changes, I’ve chosen to eat a more plant-based diet as I believe an over-consumption of meat has contributed to the auto-intoxication that created this problem. Thanks to the entire Bio Cleanse team for supporting me in helping to make a dramatic change in the quality of my life with such cost-effective products.

I highly recommend anyone reading my testimonial to try the program and, if so, to purchase several toxin removers in one order because it may take several cleanses to make a significant difference in removing decades of waste accumulated from years of poor eating habits, and to notice a substantial improvement as a result.

Thank you
Ken S."

- See more at:

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Spring is upon us, the flowers are about to bloom, the air is warming, snow melting (if you had it) and the easy living of summer coming.

What a great time for a cleanse. Spring cleaning your house has been a custom for generations, but how about your body?

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Warm Regards

The Bio Cleanse Team 

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Christmas came to a close, New Year still awaits us. The festivities are winding down. 

It's a great time to order a Detox Kit to help give your digestion that restart it needs for the new year.

We are offering 15% off all our products for a limited time.

The coupon code for the discount is "15off" and can be applied on the shopping cart screen.

Happy Holidays!

The Bio Cleanse Team

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This deal will not last forever, so please check it out

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The image below shows causes of untimely death. Most of the large pink area could be avoided by diet.

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Hi everyone. Christmas is coming, it's a great time to have some herbal bowel moving and cleansing products on hand, in case the eating gets out-of-hand. Here is a discount coupon you can use for the next 2 days, for 15% off all products on , just enter "15offnow" in the shopping cart screen. Please remember to share this post also. Thanks so much.

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How To Detox

Are you feeling tired without reason, have unexplained headaches, migraines or the 'flu'. Is your stomach bloated and you have trouble digesting your meals, and get gas frequently? Then a detox may be what you need to get your health back in order.

Detoxing is something that our bodies do naturally, at any given opportunity. Even modifying your diet to include more fruits and vegetables, and less unhealthy foods, may trigger a detox within your system. It's the bodies own innate intelligence getting rid of the toxins and congestion, that cause so many of today's health problems. It is also something that animals do naturally, as it has been observed that sick animals will often lie by a stream and drink only water, with no food for several days when they are sick, or travel long distances to consume bentonite clay, which also has a strong cleansing effect on the body.

How to detox with foods and herbs
What Happens When We Detox?

The body can enter a detox phase at any given time naturally, or can be prompted to enter one by taking certain herbs, or consuming certain foods. During this time many toxins are removed from tissues and organs and deposited into the blood stream, where they are removed from the body, through the lymphatic system and into the bowels, or through the skin.

During a detox it is common for people to feel light, and invigorated, but sometimes they can also feel tired, have headaches, or even nausea. This happens when the body cannot remove the toxins from the blood quick enough, and the toxins influence the functioning of the organs and brain. This is why it is good to perform a detox using a special program that contains certain herbs, and especially bentonite clay, to absorb the toxins and remove them quickly.

How to Know if you Need a Detox?

If someone has never done a detox or cleanse before, and they have consumed the typical western diet for most of their lives, then it is advised that they do one detox every three months for a year. This is to remove the built up mucous residues, also know as mucoid plaque, from the bowels. Without removing this mucous buildup, it is difficult for efficient digestion to occur, which greatly affects your health.

The best diet for the human body is the plant base done (or vegan diet), as it contains abundant nutrition, adequate protein, and no saturated fat, growth hormones, toxic proteins, carcinogens and chemicals associated with the meat based diet. For refer to Facts About Meat, for more information on this topic.

If a vegan diet has been maintained, and 4 cleanses were performed within a year using a good detox kit such as this one, then one detox per year should be enough, assuming adequate fruits and vegetables are consumed on a daily basis. The fruits and vegetables help the body to cleanse itself everyday, and are absolutely vital for maintaining good health.

How To Start?

Before starting a detox it is important to increase the mineral reserves of your body by eating foods that contain more alkaline forming minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and others. Most people consume too much acid forming foods such as meat, dairy, cooked grains, fried oil, salt sugar and chemicals, which are either high in acid forming minerals such as sulfur, or have a toxic effect on the digestion. Because the bodies healthy state is dependent upon mostly alkaline forming minerals, it is essential to eat mostly these kinds of foods, which interestingly enough are mostly fruits and vegetables. The food chart here, gives a complete list.

So in short, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and get adequate rest. There are some excellent raw food recipes here that help a lot, and also consuming superfoods such as wheat grass, barley grass, and other edible green grasses and foods, are excellent.

Eliminating caffeine, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes is a must.

Which Detox Program to Choose:

Although the body will detox itself naturally, given the right environment, this can be slow, and often difficult, hence it is recommended to assist the process with a good detox program or kit.

Detox Methods:

Organic Detox Kits (with herbs, bentonite clay and psyllium) – There is several different detox kits that contain bentonite clay, but it is important that the clay is consumed separately to the herbs. Some kits mix the two together, but this is not recommended as the clay absorbs the herbs and renders them ineffective. Some of the best kits available are the Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit, the Arise and Shine Cleanse, the Blessed Herbs cleanse and Richard Schulze's cleanse. These kits contain instructions to guide you through the process, herbs to stimulate the bowls and organs, and bentonite clay and fiber, either as a shake or in capsules. You will either do a period of juice fasting, while taking the herbs and clay, or modify your diet to eat only alkaline forming foods. These kind of detox programs are considered the best quality and most effective. Cleansing reactions are minimized due to the clay and the herbs, and a lot of toxins can be removed in a short period of time

Juice Fasting – This is where the person consumes only fresh juice, and nothing else. Juice fasting is good for people who's bodies are already fairly clean, and they have been on a vegan diet for many years, but for most people juice fasting is difficult, as there will be strong cleansing reactions.

The Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet – The Master Cleanse is a detox program designed by a man named Stanley Burroughs. The person eats no food, and drinks water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup together. Every day salt water is also consumed to move the bowels. Many people were attracted to this detox to lose weight, as several celebrities, such as Beyonce had success with it. The drinking of large amounts of salt water is difficult for some people and possibly not beneficial to building good health as it dehydrates the cells.

Water Fasting – Water fasting is exactly that, you drink only water, and eat no food. It is only recommended for people who have already done a lot of detoxing, and maintained a pure vegan diet for a long time. It should be performed under supervision.

Detox Kits (with herbs and psyllium) – These kind of detox or colon cleanse programs usually take some time, and are a fairly slow way of removing toxins. The person usually consumes a shake or two each day and some herbal capsules.

Acai Berry Detox Colon Cleanse Programs – Some acai berry capsules contain caffeine to help people lose weight, but the weight generally comes back again later, and caffeine is not healthy at all, so it's not really a true detox. There is some brands that sell pure powdered acai berries, but their detox effect on the body is not very strong.

Detox Foot Patches – Special patches are stuck to the bottom of your feet which absorb toxins being eliminated from that area. In Chinese medicine it is said that it is the only way to clean a certain part of your liver. Detox foot patches will not clean your colon though, which is where the majority of problems start from.

What To Expect During a Detox:

The effects of the detox will vary a lot from person to person, and it also varies according to which program you choose. But in general healthy people have an easier time, and people choosing a good detox kit, such as the Bio Cleanse also have an easier time.

Some possible effects during a cleanse are:

Heightened senses

Increased wellbeing

A feeling of lightness

Mild headaches (if not using a good program)

Mild nausea (if not using a good program)

Strange looking feces being eliminated (mucoid plaque)

What To Expect After a Detox:

If the detox program was a success, and a good program was followed, then you could possibly expect the following:

Better digestion

Better skin

Less or no bloating and gas

More energy

Less or no sickness

More peace

Balanced weight

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Juice Fasting Detox Diet with Herbs

By Matthew Sun

There are several detox diets around such as the Master Cleanse, alkaline food diets, raw food diets and others, but nothing compares to an assisted juice fast. An assisted juice fast is a normal juice fast that is done while also taking a detox program, such as the Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit. The benefit of this is that the herbs, clay and fiber in the detox kit helps to cleanse the body deeper, and alleviates many of the problems often associated with regular juice fasting.

Best juices for Detoxing

Apple – Good flavor and base for all juice drinks, contains pectin which cleanses the colon, high in potassium.

Beetroot – Builds the blood, cleanses the liver, high in minerals and antioxidants.

Celery – High in organic sodium, which is vital for an alkaline body.

Ginger – Removes parasites, refreshing.

Carrot – High in minerals, sugars, and beta carotene.

Oranges and Lemons – High in vitamin C, very cleansing, do not mix with sweet fruits.

Pineapple and Papaya – Contains enzymes that break up old mucous.

Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Chlorella, Spirulina – Very high in minerals and protein, extremely alkalizing, should be added to all juice while on the diet.

Spinach – High in chlorophyll, minerals and protein, helps to slow down the “sugar hit” when people are not used to so much fruit.
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