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Jer Lance
Developer, Educator, Manager, Utter Geek, Jack of All Trades (Master of a Few)
Developer, Educator, Manager, Utter Geek, Jack of All Trades (Master of a Few)


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Matt Arnold was tagged in Jer Lance's album.

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2007-02-04 Superbowl Party at Chucks
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Hey G+, thanks for spamming my feed with EVERY SINGLE PHOTO ALBUM I HAVE when I do a sync with the desktop client. Nicely done! (Sorry for the spam, folks)

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Added photos to Gaming Marathon LAN.

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What is this:
Fund raising for children's hospitals through the Extra-Life charitable organization.

What will we be doing:
Console, PC, and board games for 25 hours for charity. Things we've discussed: live streams of games, fund-raising level perks, preventing alcohol poisoning in Cory

What games will we be playing:
* Hammerwatch
* Forced
* Payday 1 & 2
* Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
* Diablo 3
* Cards Against Humanity
* Orcs Must Die 2
* (Super) Monday Night Combat
* Surgeon Simulator
* Monaco
* Age of Empires 2 HD
* Civ 5
* TF 2
* Cup-stacking on Blake's head
* Winnie the Pooh Baseball
* Soggy Cracker
* Cookie Clicker
* and More...

Thoughts on change from a drug addict...I'm sure you've been waiting your whole life for such a thing!

On safe spaces for women in tech, and men's roles in creating them (spoiler: we should have a big role) #fb

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Photos from the family trip down the Black River. Three generations of Lance family on the boat!
2013-07-11 Black River Whitewater Trip
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With Latitude going away, I had to made a circle for people that can see my location to limit it. It actually makes things much more intuitive, overall.

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