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Christine Ashton
Making light work of living; loosen the knots, untie the string, release the blocks and heal from within
Making light work of living; loosen the knots, untie the string, release the blocks and heal from within

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Wonderful Reiki Training last weekend in Haslingfield, Cambridge in the cosy treatment room at Untie The String Natural Healing. Lots more courses and workshops planned. Finding your essence is thrilling.

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"You can't have any unity in uniformity. The two words are close, but they conflict with on another, really. You have to have diversity in order to have unity." 
Jacqueline Left Hand Bull Delahunt in A Parliament of Souls. 1995 KQED Inc

Today I received a lovely healing from Naresh Mintri, which helped me become energetically balanced - just like any normal human being can be. I use Reiki to help keep a normal energy balance every day. Of course, I'm still as unique as all the lovely snowflakes out there and so is everyone else in the world. Being uniquely me is my New Year's Resolution and I wish you a Happy New Year being uniquely you too.

Practice non-action, 
Work without doing, 
Taste the tasteless, 
Magnify the small, 
Increase the few, 
Reward bitterness with care.

See simplicity in the complicated. 
Achieve greatness in little things.

In the universe the difficult things are done as if they are easy. 
In the universe great acts are made up of small deeds. 
The sage does not attempt anything very big. 
And thus achieves greatness. 

63 Tao Te Ching Lao Tsu translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English wildwood House Ltd.1973

I'm taken with the idea of doing just one thing each day, on the premise that it will amount to 365 things in a year. I am also writing a gratitude journal. It is hard to write every day, so I don't try to do that. I write in it when I want to become still and change from a mood of frustration or feeling overwhelmed to a mood of All is Well With My World. There are many ways to simplify what seems so complicated. What are your ways? 

Sweet dreams; tomorrow is another day 
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