St Paddy's Day was a great day to meetup for #photowalkboston
Great Green captures, lads & lasses!
These are my photos from the #bostonstpaddyday #photowalkboston . I had a lot of fun. I tagged a few of the photos, but please go nuts on them. I think it's interesting how differently we all see the world. I am definitely one of those hyper-processed photography people, but you also all saw that I was also carrying a Holga 35mm with red shift film in it, so I suppose it's likely not a huge surprise that I enjoy playing with the digital editing so much. I like painting, so that likely has a lot to do with it.

I had a lot of fun and learned a few things:
• Wearing a photography vest gets you chicks, at least if you're +Bryant Obando
+Michael Seneschal has a GPS locator in his wedding ring.
+LaDonna Pride is nutty like me!
• If you walk through the areas that the cops are scolding other people for being in, just make sure you have your camera out and they won't say a word to you because that means you must be a member of the press.
• People love mugging for photos.
• Taking pictures of people is actually possible for me (I tend to prefer inanimate objects and animals for some reason).
• Spike-y backpacks make you friends.
• Fondue is awesome after 5 hours of being on your feet.
• #HIRL ing with strangers is actually fun!

Thanks to everyone who made yesterday awesome!
March 18, 2012 - G+ St. Paddy Day Parade Boston Photowalk (40 photos)
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