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Good Ol' American +H.I.R.L. Fun Starring +Halfdan Reschat and many other Plussers...

+Scott Cramer +Keith Cramer +Kyla Myers +Sandy B and many udders!

Two Weeks Summer Vacation in the US
Yesterday afternoon I arrived home after spending two amazing weeks in the US, hanging out with several friends who I all have gotten to know through Google+. Since Google+ was so kind as to create a Google+ Story of my trip, I am sharing a modified version of that instead of making a normal photo album like I did for my December trip: 

First, I want to say thank you to +Scott Cramer, +Keith Cramer, +Lori Cramer, +Kyla Myers, and +Capin Chris for having me. Your hospitality and company was greatly appreciated - and you made sure I had an amazing time.

Next, I also want to say thank you to the rest of the bunch I got to hang out with (or meet) during my trip:
+Sandy B, +Kimberly Chapman (+kids), +Brittany Samples, +Charles Samples, +Maddie Cramer, +Charlie Cramer, +Kristi Fahlsing, +Christy Pemberton (+monsters), +Christie Stephens (+kid), +Thomas Stephens, +Jayme Hancock, +Tiffao 티파니, +Blaine Hall, +Sean Cowen, +Andrea Rocha, +Glenn Meisner, +Deb Meisner, +Jessica Stamets, +Luke Stamets, and several other people who I am not sure are on Google+.

Thank you all.

Lastly: Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.
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More to come, hopefully!
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Super Hero +H.I.R.L.
(Heroes. And Loki)
#stanleeisgod #avengers #marvel #gif
Special thanks to +A Gonzalez who shared it with me so I could share it with you
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What are some of the best "KCA..." examples you've seen?
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#nychirl3  awesome shot from +Pocket Raphael !
+matthew rappaport one of the sky shots I took while we were walking to Washington Square Park

+Dane Findley I used Befunky Photo Editor found it easy to use with its easy UI

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Florida +H.I.R.L. sounds WARM #wino  
The reminants of an Evil Twin Yin(Imperial Stout 10%).
Had this after two St Bernardus (my staple beer). Now it's almost time for +Tampa HIRL to show up so we can eat some food! 
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Winning NYC +H.I.R.L. ! +foodporn ? CHECK!
+H.I.R.L. and +foodporn and #selfies  in ol' NEW YAWK!

It was a scorcher today but after stopping by +Ocho Cinco , I grabbed some lunch with Awesome Plussers +Di Cleverly and her son, Quinn in which I found out the long, extended & uncut secrets found in South Park the video game amongst other fun facts FTW! Fun was had and cannot wait for another group #nychirl  !

Now how do you like your burger, #BACON  and fries done, kids?

#awesomesauce  & #autoawesome  included!

Bottom of the post note:
Same place we had some #nomnomnom  during #nychirl3  .. with +Sally Morales , +Rose Badlani , +Chris Lord and +Michael Ellis!
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+Halfdan Reschat is a WORLD +H.I.R.L. er and must be #CIRCLED 
The +Halfdan Reschat has left the building. We'll miss him!
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Sweet +Halfdan Reschat +H.I.R.L. errrrrrrrrrrrr .. you had a blast, we're pb, happy & jelly for you all at once!
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Ultimate #nyphotowalk #nychirl chat 
Google+ LIVES! #googleplus
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+H.I.R.L. and +Google+ are a winning combo!

We're excited to be #9 on this +The Huffington Post piece by Plussers / #nychirl  dude +matthew rappaport !

Happy #Sunday  ! 

Tell us about any of you recent Hangouts In Real Life? 

We heard +Korinne M Jackman +Le Andre' Ward +Dana Geppi +Martin Conterez +Sean Heffernan +Ashe Abbott @patrick hoolahan @cilla cantrell and some moar peoples of the G+ just hd one down in DC!
We Love +Google+ ! - 12 Reasons Why You Should Check It Out!

[Artwork by +Tim Clary and Photo via +matthew rappaport]

#googleplus   #socialmedia  
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Tattoo Style logo! As soon as +Vic Gundotra gets one it's official. # tattoo #googlelogo
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Now we're cookin' up some +H.I.R.L. +foodporn with Chef +Larry Fournillier !!!

Are you READY for some football Google+ers? GET YOUR GRILL ON!

It's Sunday and just after kickoff on the +NFL's Week 11 which might mean beer, chips and some other excellent +foodporn picture opportunities while watching your team toss the pigskin
<#bacon anyone?>  down the field!

"Hey, did I hear +mention of some FOOD?!"

People have used G+ to hangout and eventually meet (or +H.I.R.L.)
in many cities from #nychirl   #sxswhirl   #dchirl  all the way to #denverhirl !

Chef +Larry Fournillier (Hosts Cooking Shows using Hangouts such as Kids In The Kitchen S01E02 - Organic Pancakes) flew in from his home in Trinidad to share his culinary secrets with other G+ers including :

 +Thai One On with Stacy's +Stacy Frazer & +Lucius Nite 
(A couple living in Washington that met through the power of Google Hangouts: Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport : Season 3 Taco Night Premiere w/ Stacy Frazer & Lucius Nite !),  
+VIPCON's +Hermine Ngnomire<Host/Organizer>,
+Angie Person drove from Vegas,
Utahans +Stacie Daniels & +Stephen Firestone,  
Torontonian +Amanda Blain,
Locals +Nate Taylor & +shelley p,
PA's +Be Chego  plus a bunch more with some joining via Live Video AND even a few sponsors supplying food and drink!     

This event took place while people were tailgating nearby waiting on the 1st game of the season between +Denver Broncos and +Baltimore Ravens!

Watch your fellow G+ Community enjoy the smells of AWESOME! 
We have a feeling there's a lot more good stuff to come, we can
almost taste it!
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This is ONE cool way to +H.I.R.L. it up +Diane Cobb !
The great Hirl with two wonderful friends  +Daryn R & +ZannDawg at pitfire pizza..

#hirl   #googleplusfriends   #california  
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Yes it is and thank goodness for mobile phones for pics. :)  +H.I.R.L. 
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H.I.R.L. or H.angout I.n R.eal L.ife is what happens when Google+ Hangouters leave the Internet & Meet Up somewhere in the World!
Welcome to H.I.R.L. ! Community FTW!
H.angout I.n R.eal L.ife
 A H.I.R.L. is when you meet & hangout with someone offline, in the real world that you had (usually) hungout with first in a Google+ Hangout (or know from Google Plus). Some people have small local mini H.I.R.L.s & recently there was the 1st Big H.I.R.L. event = #nychirl !

*Upcoming H.I.R.L.s include* :
Augsut Dates(Tentative date for this H.I.R.L.)   
Check out the webpage: http://www.​​ HIRL for more updates & info as well as Peter G. McDermott 

September 27 - 30 Fellow #nychirlers & Fun Canadians +Shefali Burns +Elaine Lindsay are working on a Great White North extravaganza!  page for updates. 

+Seth Goldstein &+Jody Raines are getting a +Philly HIRL together! If interested, definitely visit their website & fill out the form.
New England H.I.R.L.  BOSTON, MASS.
A fantastic weekend get away being planned with +Bruce Garber  definitely smiling the entire time with helping out. Sailing, a day at the beach, shopping, photo walk, mansion tour and clam bake. 
Date T.B.D. 

Miami H.I.R.L. Florida
+Joe Martinez is working on getting this event together and Miami means +Superdave Houdini as well (+Hangout I.R.L.) Date T.B.D.

DC H.I.R.L #4 +Alex Angelides & +Rory Swan
are throwing around ideas! Date T.B.D.

Southern Cali Fun! Date T.B.D.
HOUSE SHOW TOUR 2012 - Concerts along the East Coast from North Carolina to New England+
Canadian Singer/Songwriter +Ryan Van Sickle is putting together an extremely fun event as he visits people from Google+ all along the Eastern United States playing shows for them and a gathering of fans in houses, apartments, condos, spaces, and rooms+ 

House Show Info for more about this rock'n H.I.R.L.

Here you will be able to find pictures, videos, Google Plus posts, memories and a lot more information about past & upcoming H.I.R.L. events!


We look forward to with all of you soon!

Add your next H.I.R.L. Event to +Charles Hogge & +Johnathan Chung's +Google Shared Calendars: 

Google Shared Calendar Event Form
Calendar Webpage 

The H.I.R.L. page was created by +matthew rappaport (#nychirl planner) & also managed by +brian mcdonald (co +plusports creator), +charles hogge (co-creator of +Google Shared Calendar Events) & looking for other H.I.R.L. planners as well interested in posting/resharing their info to help get the word out & share memories with the world!

Past H.I.R.L.s Include:
#dchirl - New Year's 2012
#nychirl - Feb 2 - Feb 5, 2012
#sxswhirl - March 7 - 15, 2012 
March 25th @1pm +HIRLCBUS & +Christopher Slee BRUNCH n H.I.R.L. 
April 7 - 14 +Mara Mascaro & +HIRL-IT for more information
#dchirl 2 Happening  (April 13-15, 2012)
Chicago H.I.R.L. ILLINOIS 
June 21 - 24 +steven vargas for more info [+Chicago H.angout I.n P.erson]

June 26 - Oslo, Norway Pubcrawl H.I.R.L.
This is the first official H.I.R.L. in Oslo or even Norway as far as we know!

We will guide you throught the awesomeness of familiar and less familiar pubs in Grünerløkka, Oslo.

Don't miss out!

July 12 - 15  +Andy Stuart  & +Dolidh Young are planning up something adventurous in Europe! 

August 3 - 5

NYC H.I.R.L. 2 #nychirl2 - NEW YORK CITY
 6 Months Later

Thursday, August 9 - Monday, August 13 
Central Park Photowalk, G+ Artists Concert, Sweet New York Brunches & Dinners, and new memories!!

August 3 - 5 An awesome photowalk on Aug. 4 with beautiful architecture & a great+ history! +Maximilian Majewski+Jaana Nyström or +Moritz Tolxdorf
Everybody is welcome to attend. Please add your name, profile address and contact details here:

Tampa Bay H.I.R.L.  Florida 
August 31 - September 3 | Labor Day weekend - +Stephanie Van Pelt is working on getting this together!  

+W.H.I.R.L. around the world! !

Contact Information
Contact info