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Nice and information - packed :-)

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Woohoo, the Klein bottle has just arrived!

From the marvelous Cliff at

Photos from the "reception party":

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Some first timelapse device tests are ready. Enjoy :-) I've also added a battery pack to my equipment, so I could take these without connecting Arduino via USB.

Things I've learned:
1. It works! Yeah :-)
2. Autofocus should definitely be turned off when doing timelapse photos.
3. Stitching photos together is ultra-easy on Linux

How my device can be expanded:
1. Add button for turning autofocus on and off.
2. Add button to modify the time between pictures are being taken.
3. Push everything into some nice case, make it waterproof (at least a bit).

More info about the project:

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Weekend project done before the weekend even started ;-)

Simple stuff but still I had a lot of fun doing it.

What is it you're looking at? A small time-lapse bundle.

Parts: Arduino board, 2 relays (one for auto focus, one for shutter), micro jack (2.5mm, so smaller than standard headphone jack. That's what Canon put in their dSLR), some wires... and voila.

I haven't used a soldering iron in a while, plus this is the first time I've used lead-free solder. So the job may not be pretty or anything, but I'm happy with it. In the future, I plan to add a battery pack so that this thing can be carried around. Also, some configuration button would be handy.

I'll try taking time lapses later, maybe tomorrow if I find the time. 

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Good info for all of us, even if you knew a lot of it already.

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The family is growing :-) 

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Spotted on a PC I was configuring for a relative... Windows at it's best :-)

The text (in Polish) says: "Installing update 18 from 13"

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Who doesn't like Easter Eggs?


yes, yes, I know. Some companies are agains them. No need to shout ;-)
You can now encounter pterodactyls once you get past approximately 500 score in the Chrome Easter Egg T-Rex Game¹.

Whenever your internet is down, you should see a T-Rex. Click on it and you should be good to go! Press <Up> and <Down> to jump and duck various obstacles like cactus and pterodactyls.

I'm personally quite bad at this game -- I barely reach 700. 
What's your highest score?


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