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Why I hate wheel of fortune.
Why I hate Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune is by far the worst game show to have ever been on TV. I’d rather watch someone do sudoku on the screen for money rather than this game show. The highest prize is a million dollars, which is sandwiched between ba...

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NYC a farewell
∑if = I. This is a formula I used to be obsessed with, and I thought it was the math formula that equaled life. The sum of “if”s creates the person that I am (or rather the people we are). I’ve written about this before; that every choice we make in life, b...

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The Cost Benefit Analysis of Fighting a Ticket
If you ever visit NYC, there is a little hidden
surprise when you take the six train. A passenger can remain on the train as it turns around
in order to view a stop that has not been in operation since 1954. The old
‘City Hall’ stop is a huge hit amongst to...

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T is for time
Three hours have passed. You
sit nervously by your phone, waiting for a reply from your crush. You message
your best friend: "Hey, when do you think s(he) will get back to me – it’s
been three hours. Three hours, [insert best friends name] !!!!!". You

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In the long run
It’s   midnight , you’re
at your favorite bar and the girl or guy of your dreams walks through the door.
You know you need to talk to them, but immediately wonder how.   You can use that pick up line you planned a
million times, you can fumble over some new...

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Is the optimal life worth living
Like all good blogs, I’ll start off by quoting some
historical philosopher. Socrates once said “The unexamined life is not worth living” I counter him with, is the over examined life worth living.
In a day and age where everything we do is stored on someone...

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Harry Potter: The Franchise we all came to love [in numbers]

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