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An itinerant educator

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The Vision Thing
President George H. W. Bush said that he did not really understand the “vision thing.” Whether this had anything to do with his failure to be elected to a second term is unclear, but we do know that vision continues to be a key word for churches, not-for-pr...

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Wonder Woman: A Review
Wonder Woman is the real deal.  With the relatively unknown Gal Gadot in the
title role and Patty Jenkins as director, DC has finally produced a superhero
movie with both action and heart. If you are expecting a feminist polemic, you
will be surprised.  Thi...

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The Value of Coaching for Churches and Not-For-Profits
When we discuss the value of coaching, we usually focus on
the difference it makes in the lives of individuals, but coaching also has benefits
for the churches and organizations that provide it for staff and employees.  In an article in the February 2016 ed...

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Things You Can do With a Master of Divinity Degree
Add caption So you’ve just received your Master of Divinity degree from
an accredited seminary.  What are you
going to do now?  Some students go right
from seminary to a full-time ministry position. 
Others are already in a ministry role and continue in tha...

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Managing Intrapreneurs
We hear a lot about
entrepreneurs--risk-takers who create, design, and deliver a new product or
service.   But what about intrapreneurs? According to Wikipedia , “intrapreneurship   is the act of behaving like an   entrepreneur while working within a large

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Why Don’t People Want to Be Coached?
The process called life coaching or personal development coaching
is gaining traction in many areas--business, education, the not-for-profit
sector, and the church.  Those who have
experienced being coached attest to its value for their personal and

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Culture is Not Our Enemy
“Paul then stood up in the
meeting of the Areopagus and said: “People of Athens! I see that in every
way you are very religious.   For as I
walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an
altar with this inscription: to an unk...

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Coaching and Consulting—What’s the Difference?
In some
recent coach training events, the participants have pushed me on the difference
between coaching and consulting. Are the lines of demarcation as hard as I seem
to make them?  In Disciple Development Coaching , Mark Tidsworth and I define the foci of...

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Is Coaching Worth It?
As I talk with potential
coaching clients, the unspoken question is often, “Can I afford this?”   In conversations with other coaches, someone
will comment, “This person really would benefit from having a coach, but they
don’t want to pay for it.” Christian...

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Make This a Priority!
There is one meeting every year this is a priority on my
calendar:  The Global Leadership Summit sponsored
by the Willow Creek Association.  The
meeting originates live at the Willow Creek Church in South Barrington,
Illinois, and is livestreamed to over 60...
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