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6 great reasons why you should go to a walk-in clinic:

✔ No appointments needed. The name says it all — just walks right in.

✔ Quicker care. The average ER visit tops 4 hours, 2 while clinic visits are generally an hour or less.

✔ Convenient hours. Some clinics are open 7 days a weeks, with extended evening and weekend hours, just like the ER.

✔ Lower prices. You’ll pay an average of $100 to $200 per basic clinic visit compared to the $1550 to $1750 average ER price.

✔ Skilled staff. Clinics are overseen by a doctor, with nurse practitioners or physician assistant.

✔ Recommendations. If you ever need more extensive care, clinics can refer you to a local doctor or an emergency room.

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While the answer is not always simple, knowing the difference between #urgentcare and #emergency care and where to seek treatment could save your life in an emergency. 

Our focus in Hyattsville office is to help our patients and their families through all the medical aspects of raising children. Our mission is to provide the best pediatric urgent care in the area, partnering with community primary care providers for continuity of care during the hours most offices are closed.

Happy Father's Day to all of the awesome dads out there! #fathersday  
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