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自動運転車が激アツである!という熱いブログを書いた :)

Udacity に自動運転車チームがあって自動運転車を作ってて、自動運転車のエンジニアを育てるための教育コースを作ってて、授業を修了したら自動運転車にコードをデプロイできるって熱すぎる。

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“The Great A.I. Awakening”

An inside look at the Google Brain team :)

Google Brain の密着取材記事。
An inside look at the Google Brain team

For the past few months, we've had NY Times Magazine reporter +Gideon Lewis-Kraus visit the Google Brain team several times and hang out with us for a few days at a time, with an eye towards writing an article about how our research team operates and what we're working on. We gave him pretty open access to our building, the people in the team, many of our meetings, etc., and over the course of several visits, he decided to focus his story on the origins of the Brain team, and on our in-progress collaboration with the Google Translate team to replace the old phrase-based translation system with a neural machine translation system (essentially part of the article is a behind-the-scenes look at how the scientific work in and came about).

This long article is the result of his visits and synthesis of what he learned. Gideon, I think the article turned out really well!

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You Can Hail a Self-driving Uber in San Francisco Starting Today


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Say hello to Waymo: what’s next for Google’s self-driving car project


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“Announcing updates to Google’s Internet of Things platform: Android Things and Weave”

WeaveがAndroid Thingsになります。

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日本は現金社会、アメリカはクレジットカード社会。中国全体は現金かもしれないけど深センはWeChat Pay社会。

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