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"New Manchester Flats is a great place to live if you have pets."
"They are the most rude, inconsiderate, unhelpful people I've ever encountered."
"The smell of weed permiates the hallways as well."
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Travis Moss
3 years ago
This is by the WORST place you will ever pay good money for. Management might as well be non-existent, and pretty much is. They are the most rude, inconsiderate, unhelpful people I've ever encountered. Because of a lack of tenants, the owners have allowed almost anyone to move in, creating a low standard, and at times, an unsafe living enviroment. There is non-stop bass and loud music to be heard at ALL hours of the day, and always through the night. The smell of weed permiates the hallways as well. We've also seen non-tenats that have slipped in, sleeping in the gym before. The "security" gates are pointless, and often times unlocked. Police cannot get in, if they even respond, however, the ghetto element flows through this facility freely. There are always homeless people, and crack heads lurking just outside the walls because of the rehab/homless shelter that resides directly next door. Parking your car in the evenings is a sketchy gamble at best, and the "secure" parking that costs $30 has had a broken gate since we moved in 2 years ago. The train that literally runs just outside the complex walls is brutally loud, and runs all through the day and night. It will bring you out of sleep everytime it lays on the horn. Gunshots can be heard with a fair frequency, and there are drug deals to be witnessed as well. During the summer months expect MAJOR parties around the useless pool area. You can garauntee all night ragers with large amounts of people and drinking and music almost every weekend. We both work in the restaraunt industry, and get home sometimes around 3:30-4:00 in the morning, only to find these gatherings still in full swing. There have been party tents left up for days before on several occasions, complete with someone from the party "working" the gate to allow all friends in that dont have access cards. Onto the next major problem is the dogs. Dogs are allowed to run freely without leashes, and the tenants take full advantage of that. If you own a dog and try to take it out for a walk, expect to be swarmed by the mass of animals running about, not under their handlers control. Our dogs have been bitten twice, and have picked up kennel cough from these interactions.There is dog poo everywhere, as no one follows the clean up after your pet policy because there is no on site managment to enforce it. All of this flows back to the absence of any managerial body. We have contacted them on several occasions with zero result. When contacted about the dog problem we were told that they are all "service" dogs, and not required to be leashed. So apparantly almost every tenant is blind?? Above all, the biggest issue is the low end of society that is being allowed to live here, coupled with the WORST EXCUSE FOR A MANAGMENT TEAM I've ever experienced. You would find this place similar to Gilpen Court, or reminiscent of Church Hill ten years ago. My advice is to STAY AWAY. Do not even consider this place as your home. You will sorely regret it, and be ready to break your lease within no time at all. Single ladies, you will not be safe here one bit, nor anyone with children as well. Your child will never be able to fall asleep over the constant noise, and it is not safe to play outside because of the dogs running around. This place needs to be vacated, and repopulated immediately. It is a HORRIBLE facility, at best, and again, managment is nothing short of a bad joke.
• • •
Jack Spegal
2 years ago
Awful! Please save yourself the hassle and live elsewhere. Miserable experience, no management! You can never get ahold of anyone when you need to. I'd be better off living in a box!
A Google User
4 years ago
we live in the new mancester flat apartments and agree with many of the negative comments. I like it how all of these 5 star reviews compliment the management staff, when in all actuality, they are a lot of the problem. It just seems like the office is filled with catty unprofessionals... hence the clearly rigged comments. If they weren't so busy writing inaccurate reviews, maybe some of the issues made by real residents with real problems would be resolved. My biggest problems with this particular apartment are that our hallways always smell of pot, our ceilings leak when it's raining, our floors are cement which makes it almost impossible to clean (although it seemed "industrial" when we first moved, we now find it completely unlivable), the area is not only unsafe, but there isn't anything of convenience around, and the parking situation is completely outrageous... I really don't think it's necessary to pay $30 per car...especially when the management think it's okay to park theirs in guest parking and in the actual courtyard. Those problems as well as many more are why I think these apartments don't even deserve 1 star.
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
New Manchester Flats is a great place to live if you have pets. There is a unique sense of community and being a single female, it was nice knowing I had people looking out for me. April, Lisa & Rebecca have all been nice and know me by name. I love my apartment..modern with a lot of charm.
Malik Kyle
4 years ago
I decided to call the New Manchester Flats Apts. my home after relocating from up North. The whole concept and design of the property at 720 E 6th is great but the overall quality of the place is less than horrible. The walls are paper thin and you can hear EVERYTHING all times of the night and day. THE WORST PART OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING QUALITY IS THE MANAGEMENT TEAM! THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST MANAGEMENT STAFF THAT I'VE EVER BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH. They are extremely rude, never available when you need assistance and will do EVERTHING within their power to make extra money off you. Please read the fine print in your leasing agreement, not to mention they hold on to your security deposit for more than the stated 45 days....Please look elsewhere for a new home or you will be thoroughly disappointed...
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
I would say good things about Fountainhead but the only good thing about them is the first day you meet the staff. After you move in and sign the lease it's over. They are disrespectful and always try to put it on you like it’s your fault. Who does that? For example they where a few issues when I first move in and I reported to them and they made it seem like it were my fault and why I didn’t report it when I move in. I’m sorry that water leak in my so called “new home” I’m sorry that it rain in my apartment and the floor get all wet. Now I know why they don’t have carpet. I also found out that one of the leasing managers is dating the owner and can care less because she won’t lose her job no matter what happens. Just a heads up to anyone who wants to move here don’t! Do not fall for it move some where, where they have carpet that way you know you wont have an “indoor pool in your apt.” Last don’t let them fool you with come in and discuss this with us we will take care of you (BS) I HAVE! And guess what noting happens. I can not wait to move out!
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
I have found my experience with the management team to be far below my expectations for this community. On the surface, the Flats seem very appealing and modern; their initial charm is what made me want to move here. However, after being in my place for only 3 months I have had several issues with the apartments. Every time it rains heavily, my apartment takes on water; I was told by maintenance that my apartment was designed to do this. They also enter my apartment without the required 24 hour notice, management is rude when addressing problems (if they address them at all), and they don&#39;t follow the landlord-tenant act. Management also discriminates against certain &quot;problem&quot; tenants in how they apply their community rules (you&#39;ll be lucky if you get a copy - I didn&#39;t despite the fact that this is a requirement as per the landlord tenant act). I was told at my move in that my apartment would be cleaned and floor re-stained and sealed. This was not done prior to my move in (I had a short move in timeframe but was assured by the staff, April and Lisa, that this was not an issue). In fact there were whiskers and scum in my shower from the prior tenant, as well as dust everywhere and food stains and particles still in the fridge. Management had the place &quot;cleaned&quot; again yet these problems still remained. <br/>While there may be good reviews posted on here, I know for a fact that the people posting good reviews were asked to by management and received preferential treatment in return. I know this as one of the posters told me about it.
• • •
A Google User
4 years ago
Would not recommend, to agree with previous ratings. The walls are paper thin. Parking is ridiculous, unless you want to be ripped off with the $30 parking pass per car, which not everyone pays but still gets to park in the lot( favoritism is all around here) They leave harassing letters on your door about parking, but yet management feels it's ok to park in the courtyard or guest parking everyday. Not a great place for children as residence smoke an abundance of weed anywhere they feel( apartments, again walls are paper thin so you can smell it in your own apartment and in hallways, they smoke by the pool, pretty much anywhere.) The only thing I've ever seen managers accomplish is smoking a pack of cigarettes while on the job. And as far as the negative feedback from the "response from owner," is definitely not the "owner,' nobody would treat or talk to their residence like that...ever! That is basic customer service! You all are clearly calling yourselves out with these ratings and feedback responses. All in all the apartments are beautiful, everything is updated( kitchen appliances, w/d units, really nice tv's with free cable) It's a great community feel, and one of the most dog friendly apartments I've ever lived in. Those things are easily forgotten when the management is money hungry, hypocritical, and just down right rude. And please, a response from the management....i mean "owner," is not necessary, because I am sure you will just belittle my comments and stick up for the staff.
• • •