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Windows Creators Update and compatibility of Linux subsystem with Windows binaries
Windows 10 “Creators Update” is finally available to install outside from “insiders programme”, it will soon land on most of windows 10 machine, and those who impatient can install it directly from the website:

Spring's Autowired things to be available in constructor of JPA entity
Entities are normally not eligible for Spring-driven configuration, however it is possible to make them eligible by adding `@org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Configurable` annotation. Unfortunately autowired things are not available in construct...

Constantly ignore file changes in git without changing .gitignore
(original from " eckes " on stackoverflow: You'll need to use  git update-index : git update-index --assume-unchanged build/conf/a.conf
git up...

Take a screenshot of whole app in the Electron
First you need to enable usermedia-screen-capturing in your Chromium Electron, add the following string into your main.js: app.commandLine.appendSwitch('enable-usermedia-screen-capturing'); After that you can use the following function to take a PNG blob /*...

Electron and ReactJS performance hint
If process.env.NODE_ENV is not set to 'production' react will do some performance consuming debug stuff. Set process.env.NODE_ENV to 'production' and it will bump the app performance.

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Produce html diff with diff2html-cli
It is handy to do with one nice JavaScript tool, which works on any platform: > npm install diff2html-cli > diff -u fileA.txt fileB.txt | diff2html -F diff.html -i stdin It is important to have -u option for diff ...

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Call Rust from NodeJS via cross-platform C ABI with RuNo bridge
The RuNo bridge is a command line tool which generates C++ code for NodeJS addon from Rust code or from JSON definition (with JSON definition it should work with any C ABI compatible library, of course when implemented functionality is enough). I've impleme...

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Rust language is quite elegant and looks like a decent replacement to C. There are already many useful packages in Crates available. It is quite good for developing libraries. Let’s try to develop a Rust addon for NodeJS. It is possible to use node-ffi to c...
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