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The South African Government has just proposed to export 800 lion skeletons per year from South Africa to Asia.
800 endangered lions would be taken from the shameful captive breeding industry and killed every year. This is a way to feed this industry which is in decline after the US ban on lion trophy imports. Please urge by the 2nd of February, 2017 to end this terrible captive lion industry!

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Pre-sliced apples, currently treated with chemicals to prevent browning, enjoy a popularity in school cafeterias and Happy Meals. That inspired someone to develop the first genetically modified, non-browning apples that will soon go on sale in the United States, sold sliced and in plastic.

Another example of pure human stupidity! We can't fix the nature like this, we will not make apples better, we only make it all worse. I say clearly: if you want your apples pre-sliced and covered in plastic rather than in their natural "skin", and rather have them GMO so they will not brown out, then there is something deeply wrong with you and you are contributing to the devastation of this planet for your weird appetites, and laziness to cut your fresh apple yourself.

Sadly, it took few years of development, and a lot resources wasted to genetically engineer non-browning GMO apples: no yucky browning to put off picky eaters! OMG who need this? For what?! Ahh, I see ... more profits, more plastics, screw any of unknown health issues in the future, or consequences of the GMO production on nature, we can do it - no matter what!

It's so sick, so damn wrong, and crazy, everything about these "market" ideas coming to life.


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I hope that there is still enough sane people who agree that saving the last biodiversity hotspots is worth all the money in the world!

No money can't buy life back for the extinct species, they are gone forever. So let's use the money for the best thing we can: to save the precious last remains of wildlife for future!

The last biodiversity hotspots represent only 1.4 percent of land on Earth, but harbour almost 60 percent of known species. And those last jewels of living nature have been continuously destroyed, mostly because people who live in poverty there are serving other people exploiting them and the nature for their own profits. Those ordinary people just want their daily bread, and cutting down the rain forest (to plant palms for oil for example) is unfortunately the easiest way how they can make a living.

It is the capitalism driven by consumerism, which obviously aim for the infinite economic growth and gain - for some, while others strive, regardless of the consequences on the nature and life on this planet. What an impossible objective, and what a deadly approach to life!

For too long we witness global irreversible loss of species - 60% of all wild animals on Earth has been wiped out since 1970, we read daily about deadly pollution of environment, last primary rain forest are being cleared out at an alarming pace..

And all what we gained so far is some stupid high numbers of money on bank accounts. Absolute and absurd nothing, worthless! Our human society is sick with this pure suicidal madness. We are losing everything precious, and we are gaining nothing for it... just an illusion of wealth...

Have we lost our mind completely too, and have our sense for what is the true value in life been poisoned? It´s like we want to fill up and cover the whole Earth with money, but then this will be a dead planet.

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We must stand for humanity’s transition to sustainable development and put pressure on banks and large institutions to divest from fossil fuel investments.

The Indigenous Tribes and the water protectors, who have risked their lives at Standing Rock, have reminded all of us that we have to work together to create a world where people live in harmony with Nature. For the sake of all future generations, we need to value Mother Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems as sacred. These are our Life support systems, and not merely materials to be harvested in destructive ways for short term financial profit.

Each individual’s continued support and leadership is vital, as members of our larger Earth Community. This article describes how and where we can each take action in collaboration with others who are committed to sustainable development for our collective wellbeing and those of future generations. Readers can assist by sharing this article with fellow grassroots activists, as well as potential allies in government, business, media, academic, legal, scientific and financial sectors.

It is urgent that human beings stabilise our climate systems and manage our natural resources sustainably to avoid the collapse of the ecosystems on which our lives (and all future generations on our planet) depend.
It is up to all of us to make clear that we do not endorse or permit financial institutions to use our money for projects that cause harm to the natural environment and are in violation of our constitutional rights.

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Check this elegant design lampshade Daisy Big translucent made by my friend Romaneti #design #lamp #lighting #interior

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"To see one in all and all in one is to break through the great barrier which narrows one’s perception of reality.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Do you like RED DWARF sci-fi comedy series? Vote for Legobob32's project on @LEGOIdeas to make it actual LEGO set!

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ReGen Villages - small, self-sustaining residential communities will let residents grow food and generate their own power #sustainability
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