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Cheryl Jones Evans
Fine Artist & Creative Facilitator
Fine Artist & Creative Facilitator

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Thanks for the Memories!.
Damn Gregg…I was not ready for you to be gone…but, maybe you were ready.  I find myself aware of the possibility when it is time, if we are lucky, we are ready .  I wish I could count the evenings we spent together (or maybe not).  You were never really the...

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MORE energy...MORE energy
I see the doc, every other week now…perhaps it is a good thing that I really do like him…Unfortunately, like most everything I like, it is typically canceled, discontinued or moved to another location.  So it is with Dr. Nandra…I will truly miss him!  So….s...

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Sore Places
I found this amazing poet in my “online book pile”….which is
much easier to take care of than my real book piles.  She touched so many parts of my heart the
first read through, and even more the second time.  Her words, that seemed to have found some sore

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I am perfectly capable of doing both!
Well, I try!  I have always been grossly aware of “other people’s” rules.  Clearly, some make a lot of sense, others not so much.  For example…. I will always stop at a red light, pay my IRS tax bill,  obey speeding signs, and seat belt laws.  Now, in all h...

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The Balancing Act
After spending weeks of adding and increasing meds, we now take one away.  Apparently, the time has come to stop the meds that prevent possible problems. That med might do more damage to my struggling organs than is worth the risk. Keeping everything workin...

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I am the only one with the key!
I spend great swaths of time building emotional prisons and then attempting to escape the confinements that I build for myself. The fact that I have actively participated in building them would lead most people to believe that getting out of them would be e...

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Who would have ever thought????
It is rather peculiar…that this was a GREAT day!  They are few, far and in between!  Who would have ever thought that Monday and house chores would be considered a great day! I felt good enough to clean the porch, mop the floor and do the laundry.  Woo-Hoo!...

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The latest "Cat Tales" from "NOT MY CAT"
CURSES....FOILED AGAIN!   Several of you had the excellent suggestion that I take a sharpie and write on the collar..."Where am I coming from?" and he came back yesterday....NO COLLAR...I did not do that! Yesterday morning... taking over my bed....yesterday...

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I am just gonna' do it!
Weeks like this do not come often! So it seems even more important that I breathe it all in and truly truly appreciate how amazing and lucky I am!  Although from the moment we began planning this evening at Bubba Gump’s out at Universal with the kids I star...

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Remnants of Magnificent Inspiration!
I have run out of room on the bookshelves…..again… And the stacks begin popping up here and there.  This stack is the most recent stack and all of the sudden I realize it is the story of the magnificent places and art I have seen this year….and I am so grat...
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