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Manuel Quintana
Illogical. Unreasonable. Self-Centered.
Illogical. Unreasonable. Self-Centered.

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I'm an Addict.
It's been a while.. super motivated about the next few days, new year, my birthday, etc... I want to put this on paper. It's real, it's healing for me. Hearing other stories can be inspiring, maybe this one can help someone out there make a positive decisio...

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5/13 We’re expecting a baby
It was the day after
President Obama was elected. We had spent the previous night out at a local pub
with a few friends, watching the results of the election.... had too much to drink
and stumbled home later that night. The next day, we stayed in,
ordered f...

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4/13 Move to NYC
The long distance thing was
becoming an issue again, so guess what?!?! I moved to NYC to be with my girl.
Leaving my job and my best friend in LA (my amazing boss), but optimistic about
styling in the city. We rented a garden apartment
on the Upper East Sid...

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13/13 Final Response
A lot of you out there
consider me a slime ball or whatever for airing our “dirty laundry” (even referring to me as a gargoyle, which I find quite amusing)…. but are
misinterpreting my blog. Believe me, I know what you’re writing. Put yourself in my
shoes. ...

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1/13 Overview
Hey everyone… I’m Manuel Quintana , 28 years old and currently living
in Santa Fe, NM. I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently, so I have decided, like
most people these days to write a blog. I was recently accused of giving an interview to the most insig...

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8/13 Life Goes On
I was settled into my new
job, working for a pop singer… I was learning so much about the music business and thoroughly enjoying myself... and Arizona's career was EXPLODING!  My place in the Bronx was WAY too big for just
me, so I moved to the UES. Arizona...

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9/13 My Single Life
I hadn’t been single in quite
a while, so I was taking full advantage of it! I had hot roommates, was really
connected in the nightlife scene, and because my boss was away most of the time
I had a huge apartment in the West Village where I was able to decom...

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3/13 Move to LA
Several months into this
“long distance relationship” I went to visit her in LA. The model apartment she
was staying in was empty, so we had the place all to ourselves. It was nice to
see her, I’d forgotten she’s cheated… guess I didn’t care anymore because...

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10/13 Shacking Up
While out at Greenhouse, I
met a guy (not going to mention his name)… he was really cute. I liked him a
lot. We went back to his place at the end of the night,
but while exiting the cab, he fell out and broke his arm.  Honestly, it was a little embarrassing...

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What you don't know.
January of 2013, my
son Nikko came to me with information about his nanny, Nita. He described
inappropriate behavior that happened while he was with his nanny, while “at a
man Pike's house.” I immediately terminated Nita's employment and e-mailed
Arizona, t...
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