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True Story: When I was running today, I saw a dead racoon in the ditch. The coon was clutching an empty beer can in his paws.

Steve Harvey: I would just like to let you all know the unfortunate news that Jesus has died
God the Father: this is gonna be good

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 +Bethany Tee 

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If you need a energy boost, dance along with this song by +JAGMAC 

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Is this true?!?!

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How could you not notice a 15-foot tree stuck in the front of your car?

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My EWTN interview will air at 4PM (central time) today. If you don't have that channel, you can watch the interview online at and click on the watch live link on the right-hand side.

I read this awhile ago and I thought I would share it.

"The problem with immodesty is not that it reveals too much, but that it obscures the value of the person."
"Modesty, is not about hiding one's body but about revealing one's worth."

(Both are from Saint John Paul the Great)
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