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Is Enchant Magic Item (a 6th level AD&D spell) is written up anywhere in the OD&D books, supplements, or Strategic Review? I am researching the difference between OD&D magic item creation and AD&D magic item creation.
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Ed Hand
Looked through the spell lists in the books, supplements, and strategic review. Couldn't find it.  I'll check the early issues of Dragon magazine.
To my knowledge, it doesn't exist in the OD&D-iverse, but I'm certainly no expert. I can check my books when I get home.

Edit: Looks like +Ed Hand did the heavy lifting for me!
Ed Hand
Wizard Research Rules by Charles P. Goforth, Jr. in Dragon #5 at p.24 lists rules for enchanting various magic items, but no "Enchant an Item" spell.
Ed Hand
Up to the Dragon issues which have advertisements for the Players Handbook.  Guess that's where it appeared first.

+Rob Conley You're welcome.
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