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Father, Programmer, Tabletop Gamer
Father, Programmer, Tabletop Gamer

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More Majestic Wilderlands maps.
I seem to be doing a lot of them recently. This is a result of me getting close to finishing the map of the Main Campaign Area. The players are establishing themselves as merchant and managed to buy a ship. So I made a map centered on the Trident Gulf to us...

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Don't buy the Scourge of the Demon Wolf!
At least not from Noble Knight Games . Now some authors would be all up in arms about somebody obviously price gouging their own products. Especially when it still available for sale at it original price of $15 at Lulu and RPGNow .  I am enough of libertari...

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Thoughts on Tabletop Roleplaying, Complicating Sandbox Adventures
Last post I mentioned how I decided to complicate the Scourge of the Demon Wolf adventure. To do this, I decided to introduce a red herring,  some bandits who were faking wolf attacks. To tie them into the situation, I added the body of a local tinker that ...

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A new area of the Majestic Wilderlands mapped
Though out the history of the tabletop roleplaying the myth and legends of Japan has fascinated many hobbyists. For many there was a strong desire to player Samauri, and Ninjas. Have one's character wield a katana or throwing shurikens. Especially when I st...

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New Maps of the Majestic Wilderlands
So I been running a Thursday night game using my Majestic Wilderlands rules. The group is currently based in Viridistan , the largest city in my campaign. They are stomping around the region, which prompted me to make a regional map. Note that it is the mos...

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Joining the OSR Extravaganza with 15% off.
Normally I don't participate in OBS general sales events like GM Day because I found they don't generate any more sales over just leaving it up at list price. However the OSR Extravaganza is different as it targets you folks directly. But because I don't ha...

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+Theodric Ælfwinesson
Hey saw your comment. I am working towards a print product but it won't be out until the fall at the earliest. However all the equipment PDFs I released so far is printed as a booklet through Adobe Reader.

Both of these require you do use the booklet mode when printing from Adobe.

I ran into two kinds of printers for booklet printing. The first support duplex printing by having you print the entire document under duplex mode. It will print out every other page. Then you flip around it and put it back in the tray, hit a button, and the rest of the pages will print.

Most printers don't have this feature so what you will need to do is use Adobe Reader to print out the even pages in booklet mode, then do the flip, re-insert and print the odd pages next.

You may want try this at first with the short price list I released a while ago which has 8 pages total for two sheets of paper. Then move on the longer booklet.

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Thoughts on Tabletop Roleplaying, Generating Sandbox Adventures
In the previous post I talked about how I developed Scourge of the Demon Wolf. How does get started with this type of adventure? Sourge of the Demon Wolf  was developed during the course of one of my GURPS campaigns around 2000. I knew the players were plan...

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A world for only $5, Harnworld
Just a heads up, Columbia Games has been running a series of sales on their PDFs for Harn. The latest is $5 for the Harnworld PDF which you can get through this link . Note that it automatically adds it to your cart so if you don't get it make sure you remo...

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The Basic Rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG
While writing the first book of my RPG project, The Lost Grimoire of Magic, I realized that too much of it was devoted to rules that will repeated among all the supplements. So I worked on a basic set of rules summarizing the system as a whole. So I got it ...
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