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Best vacuum cleaner reviews, tips, and recommendations.
Best vacuum cleaner reviews, tips, and recommendations.


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Whether your hardwood floors are newly-installed or as old as the home you’ve bought, they will need sanding sooner or later. And sanding is one of those tasks you’ll want to know how to execute flawlessly.

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31 Days to Green Clean! Excellent series that breaks green cleaning down into baby steps.

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Hardwood floors are always high in-demand, and that’s why you always find a growing trend of hardwood vacuums being marketed to you left and right.

Here's a nice and useful guide we found on how to choose the best vacuum for cleaning your hardwood floors:

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From the amount of advice out there on what to use to clean your hardwood floors, it would seem like there are as many products that can be used to clean your floor as there are varieties of wood species. However, this is definitely not the case. You should be very careful when choosing a product with which to clean your hardwood floor. Many so-called tips and tricks can actually be very harmful to your wood floor.

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Don’t tell me! I already know. You are dismayed because the radiant honey toned wood floor that smoothly spanned across your living room is somehow missing. In its place is an expanse of scuffed, grimy, dull wood planks, smeared with nature’s best dirt.

Where has your brilliant shine gone?

Where are the deep, elegant hues?

Don’t fret. They are still there under the grime. What we need is powerful, restorative cleaner.

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There's nothing better than a spotless house, but cleaning can be time consuming and expensive. Instead of buying pricey, harmful chemical cleaners and spending hours scrubbing away, try some of these epic deep cleaning hacks. You'll be amazed at how many household items double as cleaning products and home improvement tools.

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Once you have your home organized and you have gotten most of the major deep cleaning done, you’re ready to start speed cleaning your home. I also call speed cleaning your home maintenance cleaning because it is more of a maintenance routine than the deep cleaning and organizing.

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Cleaning your home does not need to be the worst part of your home chores. We all know that if you work, you probably don’t have a lot of free time to do all the home chores.

Just to make your job easier and to help you to clean your home quickly, we made one fascinating collection of most amazing and useful cleaning hacks that will save your free time and your money.

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Too many people still making the simple mistake of using an ordinary vacuum meant for carpets on their hardwood floor. #hardwood #vacuum #cleaning #floor #hardwoodvacuum

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Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide - Finding The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Shopping for an appliance is not fun. Some are expensive, many are complicated, and all of them are “utility” items–devices that serve a mundane purpose like heating our coffee or cleaning our dishes.


I’d rather be shopping for a new purse or a cute collar for my dog! Still, we need these machines to care for our home and environment.

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