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Brooke Del Carmen
One very interesting individual! No one has ever called me 'normal' and I'm okay with that!
One very interesting individual! No one has ever called me 'normal' and I'm okay with that!

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Don't ever let someone tell you, you cannot do something. What right do they have to your success, limits, or possibilities??? It's yours and there are no limits unless you set them.

"Some women are too shy to come right out & say,
“I want you, and I want you to want ONLY me. I don’t want any other girl to have you. I don’t want you “talking” to other girls. Flirting with other girls, texting other girls, seeing you like thousands of girls’ pictures every day on Instagram activity feed. I want loyalty. Even though we don’t have a title yet, I want you to be faithful to me, because in my mind there’s no me, no you, just US.”"  -Ebrahim Aseem

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This is not as the title suggest but if you ever want to be in a relationship this is a must read because it's so true.

"No matter how strong the emotions may be, you have to but them aside and look at the logic."

"We will be restless in our pursuit to perfection. We won't ever be perfect- but in the processes will achieve greatness." -Vince Lambardi 

Worried sick. At the Er with a friend who's got a pretty bad concussion... Not family bs kills me!!! I want back there! 

"Neurotic girls cannot love a "weak" man because of their contempt for any weakness; but neither can they cope with a "strong" man because they expect their partner always to give in. Hence what the secretly look for is the hero, the superstrong man, who at the same time is so weak that he will bend to all their wishes...." - Karen Horney

Interesting to say the least. lol

Im tired of people. I just want to hide, eat, and play video games ALONE! 

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Rock on!

Why would I support a team when it's members are all extremely rude and self centered? Never did anything nice for me so don't ask me to do it for you... 
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