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Silent Hill Downpour theory: a lot of the enemies and themes don't make much sense in regard to the guy you play as, Murphy Pendleton. More so considering the fact at one point Murphy admits he couldn't kill the guy from the beginning. Meaning there's no reason for Silent Hill to react to him. But what if Murphy is not the main character of the storyline? A lot of it makes more sense in regards to Anne Cunningham, who believes you (Murphy) killed her father. Or in other words:
Murphy gets arrested to get to a guy->corrupt cop agrees to let Murphy get to him but wants Murphy to kill honest cop->Murphy can't do either->corrupt cop kills the first guy and the honest cop, but frames Murphy->Anne believes the frame-job->bus crashes in Silent Hill->the remaining "holy" power of the town uses Anne's thoughts of revenge to create demonic prisoners who cruise around in cop cars (this is more relatable to Anne than Murphy)
To add onto it more, the first extra outfit you find is her father's clothes (which has his badge in the pocket). You even run into Anne's childhood self in the orphanage.

>Plays Skyrim
>Joins Thief Guild
>Told to sneak into mansion and break into safe
>Goes to mansion
>Slaughters everyone
>Takes key off corpse

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Yeah, that's my problem exactly. The single players are being kicked out the door by the very industry we spent decades on.

Funny story: at work, for Halloween, they're trying to have a costume theme of video games. Everyone complained because "no adults play video games. That's for the childrens." And they say this while I'm on my break, playing Final Fantasy 10 on my Vita. 

Horror games are the only ones I don't have on mute. Sound is what makes or breaks them.

Facebook is worse than 4chan.

So I did the numbers and I figure with Xbox One's BC:
53 360 games I could get that would work for it (or ones that are otherwise available).
32 360 games I would need a 360 for.
32 games I could just play on something else.
Note: These numbers only reflect games I would personally want and not all games.

Sengoku Basara 3 tier list (From top OP to not really OP).
Note: I haven't unlocked all the characters yet.

Master Tier
Masmune Date (can get through the game with X-Slash alone but then he gets 6 Claws which is God Mode).
Mitsunari (most of his moves have a teleport-like feature and does pretty good DMG)

Top Tier
Saica (has lots of guns and good keep away but terrible vs bosses)
Keiji maeda (his hits lack impact)
Kotaro (Very fast, good aoe but low DMG)
Motochika (damn near Master but his Basic starts off with a very short range kick)

Mid Tier
Ieyasu (does a lot of DMG but hard to control)
Oichi (requires a lot of practice with and not as useful early on also kind of glassy)
Kanbe (lots of AOE but also very slow)
Yukimura (pretty descent but missing something special)

Low Tier
Yoshitsugu Otani (kind of slow, glassy and can't turn mid-attack)

Reasons why modern games suck:
1. Game installation. You can no longer just put in a game and play it. Not only that but the more recent ones like PS4 will lie to you and say it's installed but it's not.
2. No more secrets. It was always cool how you discovered things like rooms and secret weapons/characters.
3. They cost waaaaay too much. $60 price for the game itself. Of course there's DLC. That's gonna cost extra. Collector's edition? That's an extra $100-200.
4. Tutorials. Press start to begin the game but first we have to make sure you know how to press buttons.
5. Cutscenes that drag on and on. I get what I'm supposed to do. Can I just go now?

It's kind of ironic.
The PS3 has free internet. Which I usually have disconnected so I can avoid all the long updates. 
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