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Partitions may divide countries, but friendships find a way. A touching story about the power of information in improving people’s lives. (Be sure to watch with English subtitles.)

A special thank you to all of you, who make this sort of thing possible every day through all of the incredible local knowledge you contribute to Google Maps through Map Maker. You are changing the world, one map edit at a time.

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In London today to help with our launch of Map Maker in UK! Can't wait to see all the amazing things getting mapped by locals here.
From world famous tourist destinations to the streets of your hometown, you can now offer local knowledge to enrich the maps of the United Kingdom using Google Map Maker! Once approved, these improvements can be seen worldwide on Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps for Mobile.

Learn more here:, and get started mapping today!

Before/After of England’s Bletchley Park, improved today using Google Map Maker!

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Explore for treasure with Google Maps!
Archeological analysis has confirmed the discovery of one of history’s long lost relics: a #treasuremap belonging to the infamous pirate, William “Captain” Kidd. The map is rumored to contain encrypted symbols and clues leading to his legendary treasures. Read on:

We’ve scanned the #treasuremap and created a digital copy so everyone can join the treasure hunt:

Stay tuned and let us know what Easter eggs your find on the #treasuremap!

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Animated gifs are already a beautiful thing, bringing the right emotional context to otherwise easily misinterpreted words. Add music? Internet: give me a (user-friendly) way to embed these! :D

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Oh, thank god! :D
Bon week-end! 

We recently released transit directions on Android and desktop for the “Métro” and the “RER” to help you travel around Paris.

Read more (in French):

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"A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice."

Take Action: Sign this global petition to tell the world's governments that you support internet freedom.

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Added photos to Google Map Maker APAC Regional Conference.

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My first product feature launch. :)
Introducing Google Map Maker Badges!

You’ve been working hard to build the most comprehensive world map, and now you can share those accomplishments with the new Google Map Maker Badges! You can earn badges for everything from making your first edit in Map Maker, to organizing a MapUp event or contributing to Map Makerpedia. Some badges even have stars you can earn for each milestone within a category.

These fun and colorful badges will appear for all to see on your Map Maker Profile, as well as when you hover over a mapper’s username.

For a complete list of badges and how to earn them, be sure to visit our Help Center (

On behalf of the entire Map Maker team, we’re proud to give you the recognition you deserve!

Happy holidays, and happy mapping!

Merci à tout le monde qui a venu au premier GeoWalk !

Thanks to everyone who came to the first GeoWalk!
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