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Imaginator, explorer, and synergizer in God's spoken world
Imaginator, explorer, and synergizer in God's spoken world

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My players are level 14, and I'm tempted to cut everything's hp by half, PCs and monsters, mainly to speed combat. Are there good reasons to avoid doing this?

I'm new to Worlds of Adventure, but absolutely loving what I see. Thanks so much for doing this beautiful thing.

The elegant new bonds are one of my favorite things in any system. I wonder if there's any reason that PCs shouldn't be able to forge bonds with locations, factions, or maybe even causes?

What if position is treated as a state characters are in individually, tracked per PC, rather than negotiated for the specifics of each action? Costs for 1-3 or 4-5s can worsen your position, while crits can improve your own or teammate's positions. Good engagement rolls mean we zoom into the crux of the mission with most or all the PCs in controlled positions, while bad engagement rolls mean we cut to seeing most or all PCs in a desperate state for one deliciously terrible reason or another based on the nature of the score.

For context, a lot of you folks doing such awesome analysis and innovative lateral design from the Blades in the Dark chassis have stirred me to thinking a lot about Shot in the Dark (working title for alien invasion/XCOM hack).

I'm currently noodling over whether tracing position like per person rather than per action can create a sort of tactical teamwork experience highlighting pushing your luck to achieve mission objectives while balancing the rapidly depleting resource of each team member's vulnerability. Stakes are wildly higher in this hack, initially meaning almost any harm from xenos means irreversible casualty for human troopers.

I want the nail-biting anticipation of knowing one-shot kill enemies are out there even though we see no sign of them yet. I want the chaos of a battle where teammates and enemies can get separated, pinned, trapped, suppressed, out of ammo, disoriented, surrounded, panicked, etc. all of which can be abstracted by each trooper's current position state.

For instance, based on the way this mission has gone down, now anything I do is risky, or anything I do is desperate, so what is it going to be? Do I hunker and wait for someone to improve my position, or bully on and swallow the huge stakes? I want the fun drama of everyone else being ambushed into a desperate spot except for the Delta (medic/scientist/xenologist) or Charlie (engineer/demolitions/vehicles) who alone has a chance to change the flow of horrible to worse for the team from a Controlled position. I want players wrestling with what they do with that one precious opportunity?

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This is one of my favorite gaming reference tools ever created.

It has a bit of a learning curve, but I loved using it for making hundreds of immersive little vignettes to flesh out PC lives in my Pendragon campaign. In that game, a year or three may pass for the characters in a single play session, and this helps keep the rest of PCs' off-screen life interesting in the meantime.

Ever since using it, I find myself wanting to create something similar for nearly every rpg I run. Thanks to Spoonist on Nocturnal Media forums for putting it together.
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Check out what my brave and clever designer friend is doing! Pass it along to support both clever games and brave dreams.
Hey, guess what? I just launched a Patreon to enable my dream of designing awesome games for you to play! If you like games, dreams, or both, then please share this link with everyone you know! Thanks so much!
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I have a friend looking to get into rpgs (D&D probably) south of the river. Anybody know of open tables or groups that direction?

What ramifications do you see arising from the following houserule? I want to speed up combat and privilege outnumbered PCs or monsters: A target that is missed by an attack (either melee/ranged/spell attack) may immediately deal damage back to the attacker once per turn per attacker, as long as the defender is able to make reactions and the attacker is within range of the defender's wielded weapons. (Note this is not a reaction, and I know it's not the most elegantly worded)

Damage would be either the missed target's wielded weapon die + level/CR, or primary class hit die, or something like 2 x level/CR (minimum 1).

I see that Dodge would become far more potent, as well as reach and range vs melee. Additionally this would make non-attack maneuvers like shove, disarm, grapple, help, and more seldom used spells like Shocking Grasp and True Strike more valuable to set up more sure strikes.

Has anybody heard of any attempts to convert the PF Kingmaker adventure path for use with Dungeon World?
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