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Making the Most of Vehicles in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

A great new post from +David Thomas on Exploring Infinity
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I'll use this tomorrow, for sure. Now if someone comes up with a Datafile for The Destroyer, I'm golden!
Good article...I can see myself using it tomorrow, as well.

How many of us are running this game this weekend, anyway?
Glad you guys like it as much as I do. Way to go +David Thomas. Keep it coming!

I'm also running a game this weekend, and will probably use the spy-escaping-on-a-motorcycle idea myself as well. I also just played in a game run by +Mark Meredith last night. It's a good thing.
You know, after playtesting the game I'm so ready to play it again. But my players, die hard D&D players, aren't interested. I don't think they grasped the concepts of the narrative story.
The option 2 in the article is really the key point that makes me love the whole Cortex Plus system. Since die ratings measure story weight above all, you can really do anything you can imagine, it just may not have mechanical backup if it's just a passing detail.

Narrative power itself, however, is certainly not without value in a collaborative fiction game. I just love how the die ratings drive and inspire creativity.
Also, FWIW, the Destroyer will NOT be riding the motorcycle.
Glad you liked the article!
+Christopher Hatty The Destroyer should totally be riding a motorcycle!
You could probably get away with a quick copy of most of Cap's abilities for modelling him in game.
You know we now need to use this idea for X-wings & TIE fighters, right? I really need to get on that "conversion"
I want to see a Marvel Star Wars conversion, based on the Marvel comic. There is some really fun material there.
Maybe something like this?

I'll admit I'm not enough of a die-hard SW fan to do it proper justice. The power routing idea actually comes from the old LucasArts pc game X-Wing.

Blasters d8, Deflector Shields d8, Engines d8, Enhanced Reflexes (Maneuverability/Speed) d8, R2 Unit d6
SFX. Hold on Back there. Add R2 Unit to your roll and move physical stress to the doom pool.
SFX. Rerouting power. Step up an X-Wing power and step down another. Powers remain at altered ratings until rerouted again.
Limit. Charged System. (see Iron Man)
Not too shabby, but the Blasters should be d8. d6 would be the triple Blasters from the Z-95 Headhunter.

So many things I want to add, but it's time to work :p 
Actually, I may even make the blasters d10. I don't know how powerful the are supposed to be, but I would make a blaster rifle d8. It depends if they are the equivalent of a heavy machine gun (also d8 imo) or a missile/tank gun d10 range. 
The scale I use for builds is:
d6 - handguns, knives, swords, clubs, hunting rifles
d8 - assault rifles, powerful sniper rifles, large swords & axes, machine guns
D10 - tank guns, rockets, missiles, bombs. Top tier melee weapons like Wolverine claws, Mjolnir, lightsabers, vibro-swords, etc.

What do you guys use? 
I'm a child of the d6 Star Wars game, so I always think in terms of "scale." So a d8 weapon for a starfighter isn't the same as a d8 personal scale weapon.

That being said, I'd probably throw in the following SFX Starfighter-Scale Add a d6 and increase effect die by +1 when acting or reacting against personal-scale targets.
Yes, scale is interesting. I guess I was comparing X-Wing fire to Y-wing torpedos, Ion Cannons, or Star Destroyer shots. I suppose even the flagships still just fire the same red and green stripes of lasers, just a whole lot more of them.

Maybe this for scale SFX: Scale. Add a d6 and keep a third die in your total against smaller-scale targets.

It would enable extraordinary successes to increase effect.
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