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Adam Minnie
Imaginator, explorer, and synergizer in God's spoken world
Imaginator, explorer, and synergizer in God's spoken world

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Hey you of good taste, what are some contemporary short stories or short story authors would you recommend for someone who wants to engage more fiction in their life?

I'm more familiar with older literature, not more recent writers, so I feel unable to give this friend well-rounded suggestions.

What are some fun rpgs that work well for two people (probably one-shot)?

All I can think of is Murdurous Ghosts.

Ahoy +Jason Cordova, I enjoyed to the Sorcerer Debrief on Comic Strip AP this morning.

Where do you point people who are interested in possibly producing a mini-series for Comic Strip AP to start thinking about the processes and expectations involved?

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Intriguing elaboration.

Is it impossible to make private posts to an individual on G+ now?

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A great deal shared from +Slade Stolar:
The Indie Hack is the DriveThruRPG Deal of the Day! Grab it for half price for the next 22ish hours!

Two months ago, I spent my publisher points on putting Indie Hack in the queue for being a Deal of the Day. It's a lottery system so, it could be tomorrow or it could be six months from now. I figured, maybe it takes four or five months. And I kind-of forgot about it, actually. Anyhow, the day has arrived!

Woah, I just realized how easily S&V could work for a Borderlands hack.

Just replace "the Way" with "Eridium". Also, assume when you fill your stress track you actually die, then you either have to take trauma or lose 4 coin (likely out of your stash) to come back at a nearby New-U Station. I'd also add "Local Catch-a-Ride" as a friend for all playbooks.

Factions would differ of course, replacing Hegemony with Coprorations consisting of the main manufacturers (Bandit, Dahl, Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, Tediore, Torgue, Vladof, as well as more esoteric ones like Atlas, Pangolin‎, S&S Munitions, Scav, and Anshin), maybe with subsidiaries.

Then Underworld would be populated with local gangs and groups like Captain Scarlett, Captain Flynt's ship, Bassanova's Arena.

Then there may be local authorities, like the Crimson Raiders, Zafords, Hodunks, Terramorphous (& Spawn), train authorities, Wilhelm (and loaders), and maybe Angel and/or various Vaults and their guardians.

Different locations (Three Horns, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, The Highlands, Lynchwood, etc.) could then have mini-stats and notables like S&V's worlds.

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I just encountered the Indie Hack and it's fascinating in its potent simplicity. Now you can check it out in an accessible SRD.
:D So glad to see this! From Slade,

"*The Indie Hack SRD is live!*

Saunter over to and you can give it a try. It's the core rules of TIH and enough to get you started on your own hack. It's like the OGL, but it's probably more like Powered by the Apocalypse.

Let's make 2017 the year of hacks of hacks!

So, share the heck out of this!"

Is there a preferred place to note little typos and whatnot?

For instance, the last word of all Payday actions seems to be missing, and for personal projects (on the reference sheet at least), the different triggers for various lengths of projects say Scene, Episode, and Scene, though I think the third means to be "Season."

With the revised G+ format, has the pinned list of handy links been lost, or do we access it in a different way now? Are they on some BitD homepage now instead?
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