Very dramatic, our Mr Scoble
Will Google+ die today because of Facebook's announcements?

The journalists are already asking me that question.

What a lame question.

You do understand that Google is betting their entire company on its CONTEXTUAL ENGINE development, don't you?

You do realize that if Google fails here it hurts every Google employee's bonus.

You do realize that if Google fails here +Louis Gray and thousands of others will no longer have a job, right?

You do realize that the way we get information is changing from a "search" to a "social" mode, right?

So, if Google fails with Google+ the entire company fails.

This is why I'm on Google+. This is why this fight is -- by far -- the most interesting corporate fight of the last decade.

What Facebook will bring out today is GOOD for Google. It will cause Google to step up their game.

+Vic Gundotra told me the other night that he's a rookie in this game but he's learning fast.

Today will be an entire college education all in one day for Vic and his team at Google.

This fight aggregates attention in a way nothing else will.

It's why I'm here. And here:

The "Game of Games" is about to begin. I'm in the fifth row on the right. You can join me in the corporate fight of the decade now:

The show is free and we all win. At least if you are either on Facebook or Google.

If you bet on other companies for your social identity, sorry, but they don't matter so much after today.

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