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Meghan M. Gorecki
Author. Editor. Reader. Blogger. Not-a-Real-Redhead. Old-Soul. Red-Lipstick-Wearer. Lover of the Lord, though I fail Him daily.
Author. Editor. Reader. Blogger. Not-a-Real-Redhead. Old-Soul. Red-Lipstick-Wearer. Lover of the Lord, though I fail Him daily.

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The next story of my heart has a cover!
Y'all. This has been a day long awaited. Ten-plus years, in fact. The story that's been with me the longest has a cover and it's now out in the Great Wide World. Margaret Bryant has a face now, the setting's golden and rosy-hued. The story itself at the mom...

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It's been a while, but I'm getting back to writing what I love.

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Getting back to the heart
Something's stirring lately. I'm getting back to the heart here. I've been second-guessing and doubting what and how much to talk about here in this space. What type of audience I need to attract, how I need to present myself. And I'm here today to say I am...

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Wanted: Influencers
Dear reader, Can I tell you a story? It's been over five years since I first began the "grown-up" version of a story I first titled and wrote in fifth grade. Back then it told a super convoluted, rather plagiarized tale of Margaret O'Brien, a roses-loving g...

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When All Things Are Made New
Two years ago I was laying with my feet up in a recliner in compression stockings, and using a walker just to shuffle to and from the living room to the bathroom. Two years ago my best friend got married and my heart broke that I couldn't be there as her ma...

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How God Uses the Wilderness to Get Your Attention
An autumn Sunday morning. Blue sky and puffy white clouds and a breeze that had me worried my dress would pull a Marilyn Monroe-esque look as I walked into the church. Worship was through, communion partook of. I grabbed my notebook instead of my phone to a...

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I've been stuck in a creative rut, a quicksand of overwhelm--and I'm learning how to step out of it stronger.

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Tangled Words {and how to untangle them}
These words of Moses', guys? It's where I'm at in this season. Whether in person with new friends/acqauntances. Anytime I talk about my writing. I write somewhat better than I talk.  But most of all? Words are tangled and knotted and stuck right now . With ...

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The Latest Pepper Basham Novel! {Cover Reveal}
It's no secret around here I love books, and romance—in that order. Allow me to reintroduce one of the greatest romance writers of our time and in the inspirational fiction world— Pepper Basham . This woman spins magic from her finger tips when she writes h...

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On Pursuit
Who doesn't love a good pursuit story? The "How We Met" stories that have the guy pursuing the girl patiently, kindly, but intentionally. Even if it was simply sitting beside her at Bible study, or in a cafeteria enough times before worked up the courage to...
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