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Grumpy cat has finally put his #SuperBowl pick in.
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Marcus H.
That's a much more polite answer than I'd have expected from G.C. :)
That's the way to call it.... like ur style grumpy!
I hope all the team members dies.
+Hira Gurung come on man.  That's harsh.  Last time I wished something like that, an asteroid wiped out my kind.  :(
The only way that happens is if the world ends TODAY.
Go Ravens! Ray Lewis may have killed/assisted in killing to people but he's not the whole team, just one grumpy old man!
need a way to share between google+ and other forums (facebook) anyone know how
The only good thing the ravens did was takin out Denver.
I hope mr Lewis can score a hole in one
This cat is the doppelganger of all my dear children.
That's how I felt in past Super Bowls where no Bay Area team played.  But now the Super Bowl is no longer boring!   Go +San Francisco 49ers !!!!!!!!
NINERS have been bird hunting all post-season.  Raven's what's for dinner!
^^ +NICKLE BACK just commented on my thread.  So not only do you think it's okay to ruin music, but you think it's okay to ruin my post as well? 0_o
Never saw two sets of guys acting more like children. Dude, you ran 5 yards and caught a ball?!? Wonder what people would think when I made a photocopy at work and then pranced around like a tool for minute -- oh ya, I'm bad...I'm bad!
super bowl really needs this cat's opinion
j95 out
Bill L
Yes Grumpy Cat!! You nailed it!
and happy Sunday to you 2 :-) :-)
Not a fan of pro football either.
i know for sure that J. Harbaugh will win
That cat has to belong to Jeff Dunham's Walter.........Or is the cat is a puppet?
Hope H.
I just root for what my Dad roots for, and he doesn't have a superbowl pick so... I'm with the Cat >0<
I hate the idea of Grumpy Cat, giving the audience i.e. YOU, a negative perspective on the way to view life. Live your life, do you, but just try to always find happiness in the little things and enjoy life, Focus on creating a future that you can pride yourself upon. GC just makes me depressed.
Maybe the cat would rather watch something else!!!  Plus the cat is apt to lack in attention during this game.
Bill L
Oh poo on you +Joseph Graziani ! You start off with the word hate and then admonish us for having some fun with a silly cat pic. Hum bug back at ya! 
hahahahaha couldent think of a better option.... or could I?
Giants are going to take it this year!
But seriously you know who is going to win this year? Corporate America...
Grumpy cat is dead on. I couldn't think of anything more boring than football. Hell, watching snails move is much more fun. 
I truly don't care either. My son thinks ravens will take it. With the kc chiefs as home town team we're a bit burned out anyway.
GO GRUMPY CAT AND GRUMPY CAT 49ER'S ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This cat is making my day, every day, one day at a time.
Cats are always the ones who have these funny animal pictures.
Looks like he dissapointed in the out come of the game ..poor baby lol
i hope both teams lose,too. The coach of each team are both brothers; its sad when one have to lose when the other wins. 
Blake B
The stupid bowl.
Hahahaha not possible!!
This cat hates everthing , it's getting boring yawwww
Drop dead football hello mma .
I love this cat, want to Katnap him.
I think that would be cool to see  him with the remote  lol
Grumpy cat caused the power outage at the superdome
Too bad the power outage didn't last all night.  He would have been correct.
really funny face. i'v never sin dis kind of face.
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