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R. Pal
Niiiice xD
This is exactly how it went down.
I also set my ad blocking plug-in (ABP) to NOT run on my favorite web comics, because that also denies them traffic.
S Shum
We shall always forget your sacrifice Mr. Shortarms. 
actually by the time an asteroid gets into earth's atmosphere it is then called a meteor.
If you call a Tomato a Tomaato does it not still make the stew that much more tasty?
Nothing of that nature will happen now. Planet earth is under the God's guidance, as thus it is him alone who will decide when it all ends ... #myview
Salute to the valiant dinosaurs who stood up against nature's fury and sacrificed themselves
funny. Almost as funny as how they died off 65 million years ago but continued to evolve into birds. no even funnier than that.
Soooo it did happen. The Myans just got the year wrong!!!! 
No, the fish probably just hid in an underwater cave at the bottom of the Ocean 
It was Thursday and the next day they had fish.
They still around, in some stores,in a bunch of city halls, in some of our families, in police departments, in schools,etc.
You bone heads that think this has something to do with world ending, you are morons, it's a fucking joke...... geeez
Dinosaurs did not die out they escaped in spaceships. You all need to read the books about these dinosaurs and how they rebuilt their civilisations by the noted historian and author Steve Cole.
John A
Wonder if a 'tyrannical-saurus' government had anything to do with the asteroids?...
if they did they just deny it until the asteroids started plummeting the earth!
If they knew that humans will come next and destroy earth they probably would have a second thought
might just happen again i thonk they are drawn to dead places?
look at the moon dead craters on it could it be our shield but it will bypass the moon?
what are we doing or is it real space invaders?
just as we were about to forget. This  ancient text comes around to remind us. :P
How ironic, I just watched an educational video on this catastrophic event
we are plummeted with meteors on a dayly bases - not a problem until they are as big as a car or bigger - I read one time that a asteroid the size of a VW BEETLE entered the atmosphere and hit the earth at the size of a football - leaving a crater the size of a tennis court... It was in the late 1980'S i wanted to do a report on it but my teachers said not for grade points... 
I salute the dinos, they are a global treasure!
Going to nit pick here it was an asteroid singular not asteroids and if you're doing a talking dino make it Barney purple <justsayin>
+Paul Martin Not to nit pick here... But asteroid(s) break up on entry.  ;)  But I will agree with your point.  The picture is not a very accurate portrayal, for instance it is severally lacking in large tallons, colors are way off etc.
I will always remember the heroic dinosours that fought so we can become the dominant species.
cool beans I have no idea what you just said
Nerd much?... no offense...but i didnt know that asteroids break up on entry. its pretty cool though.
May de almighty help me.i dont wanna be like this.i wanna be better.and help others 2 live a better life
Too bad AL GORE was not around to give them the heads up!
god bless you dinosaurs 
Thats a nerd's joke that loves fossils Trololol
The astroids are coming! The astroids are coming!
great discover, best of luck.
we will never forget i our hearts RAWR
I wish i saw a dinosuar before they went away
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
well i made a vid in youtube
dot you mean a few million years old LOL
Betcha FEMA was “coincidently" nearby when this happened.
Adam K
The greatest sacrifice for the world... until Jesus laying his life down for our sins.
Adam K
My Sunday won't be ruined. I went to church today  : )
Adam K
+Andrea Gammon
I'll do my best. I have to wait until he fires the next shot.

That might be a while : ) 
Adam K
Religion is everywhere. Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Satanists, and Christians, OH MY GOODNESS!
Adam K
+Andrea Gammon

Islamic Terrorists don't like people dissing Allah and The Prophet, supposedly.
It's Sunday! And wake-up to a Dinosuaer? Oy vey!
Really really this is horrible it's crazy I can't breathe if I'm reading it!!!!!!
Half of me thinks this is stupid and the other half thinks it is brilliant.
Seems like macho thinking several million years ago. Fools often use this logic. Be a hero not a winner.
Have y'all got done brawlin' yet? Lolol.
they only died out for lack of O2 otherwise would still be here
guys subsribe to my chanell more game vids will come out soon
thank you Rex
may you rest in peace
I remember this, and they almost pulled it off. Those sons of bitches almost did it.
I knew they could talk
so... asteroid hit earth on dec 21 65 millon year ago? 
Luck for us T-rex has(D) a soul!
Thank you Dinosaurs I'm eternally grateful. Grateful for all the oil too. Dinosaurs where GOD's pets you know.
May the mighty dinosaur forever be in our hearts. a moment of silence please. 
Oh so dats wat killed da dinosaurs 
Al M.
Too good!
Philosorapror: you have to be very careful with posts like these. There are a lot of people who actually believe in these things

Bhahahahahaha.. so that's the truth.. =D
ts some funny shit right there,,,i dont care who ya r!! lmao
Seth F
I like that picture

I'm not sure what this guy meant ^.  It's just something hilarious to think about.  
Seth F
Not funny.
not cool dudes if the dinosaurs didnt help save us we wouldnt be here now!!!!! OK?????
Seth F
The only people by then were cavemen
+Seth F i know  but  the cavemen got smarter build new stuff then the caveman war was there then stone golden age and meadevil age
now today the army  
I really like this pic cause it looks like the Dino is going to bite a flaming potato.
i didnt notice that its cool and i have talked 10 times '
In the dedication of his heroic act...I'm taking the day of work! :D
Never forget 12/21/65000000. Kinda like never forget 9/11? 
well thats not the real timw they died i guess
thanks dinos you saved us mammals
This is supposed to be funny but I died a little inside.
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