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This is an ingenious way to make your house zombie-proof.
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Marcus H.
And during a zombie apocalypse, if you hook up each to a standalone generator, you can get a lot of free power! ;)
+Mikael Guggenheim ... or til the zombies pile on the rotting corpses of the zombies in front on them and wash into the upper windows.
Runs out of food........ (no pun intended)
If you put all those around the house you'd probably built up enough muscle to push away the zombie-pile :P
... treadmills have wheels so you can manoeuvre them.  And my point was the zombies would be inside and out.
Doesn't matter. It's not like there's only 5-10 of them...
At least until the power goes out. Lol
Zombies get a great workout. But then they would get stronger... OnO
Saw this on reddit yesterday.
The corners are a little vulnerable.  Unless...yes.  Just line that area with celery, I can't see them getting past the celery.
treadmills lol this is only for Black Ops 2 on zombie level 8 and under, this house would be smoked if it were to be "i am legend" :3.

No hard feelings its still funny philosoraptor rofl :D  
That would use an insane amount of electricity just to power all of those treadmills. And I'm pretty sure that no one has that many outlets.
Or get them in good enough shape to chase you down when they stop working....js
Now all you need are the zombies! Good job! (and whoever drafted this on CAD, nice!)
I'm thinking it'd be cheaper to just have metal slides instead... Of course your house would need to be elevated first.
Or a moat... filled with crocodiles... If they ate the zombies, would they become zombie crocodiles or would they have to be bitten by zombies? 
Or would the zombies even be truly dead inside the crocodiles? So maybe the crocodiles would get eaten back from the inside out...
-_- tbh its a perfect conversation for people to share there opinions on a what if situation :) i like it lol ide rather wast my time on gmail commenting on this that look at some fat bitch say somthing about her ex boyfriend ... its amazing to me 
Or, you can just remove the staircase and hide out upstairs.
that is just damn right awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zombies-huffin on a treadmil = priceless entertainment!
that will work until you want to leave
Ma Loy
That will also applicable to my fat friends trying to rob my fridge lol 
Dig a moat around your house & fill it with hungry crocs.

Zombies can't swim & crocs will eat anything.  Problem solved!  X_X
Or tesla coils that if anything walks in between them they are fried.  Oh and you can power it with the treadmills, lol!
Dude omg I thought this a while I should have copywrited this
Good idea but I had that idea 10 years ago... Would cost a crapton to implement though.
Ben XO
the waking dead needs this
Wheres the outlets? Or rig it so when zombies come they can generate mech nrg just convert to pwr to run machines
Interesting, but what happens if they wreck through the treadmills? Do you just die?
and you can get free electricity if you rig all those treadmills to generate power...
For all of you that are trying to figure out why this wouldn't's a joke...
As long as you can keep the power running, at least!
wow what a kind! will u short circuited?
and cunect 2 some batries,
 its wiil make power
If I had that much power to waste, I'd invest it in a tesla coil.
Ace E
except it'll eventually make them zombies stronger, faster and more fit. not to mention more hungry. :)
bhai ghar to jane saaa reha......
Va Ali
Treadmills crzy
You need to be able to generate a heap of your own power to keep them operational once the power grid goes down.
You could hook them to a generator so the creeps can generated power as they walked on them.
Lol should also have some brains tied on a string in front of the treadmills
But what happens when the power goes out? Guess you must need a lot of solar panels.
You could custom compile treadmills to put them on greather angle and use zombies and gravity to generate electricity. Then use that electricity to power tesla coil on the roof. QED :-)
That should be build In limpopo
It is a nice house.
hello yall im new
+Hafiz Nazari Modify them so the movement creates electricity, not vice-versa, and you have a perpetual power source!
People, imagine that you will be a zombie one day and will already know his plan. Muhuhahaha
Until the power finally goes out..
I'm confused : why is it that zombies can move faster, climb higher, lift cars practically do things humans can't? Well maybe being zombiefied is an evolutionary step forward. ..... Hahaha
I wonder whether there will ever be a zombie apocalypse. My brother is all prepared for one.
but,,,if the zombie fly??? hahahahehhehe
What, no backup plan?!!! :))
Add inclines to these and an airport luggage turnstile with 10 feet walls just below the treadmills that leads off the property, a river or cliff is recommended, and you'd have some seriously confused zombies. This is actually a tower defense game ;) No but it should be.
also works against mother in laws but that might be redundant.
Hahaha, that's actually pretty innovative!
At the first moment i thought the items to be lawnmowers. Played too much Plants vs. Zombies ;-).
how about the corners.
provided there is electricity..
what if the electricity cables were damaged and there was no electricity
Set them all to the highest setting and watch zombies shoot away from the house and slide on their face.....over and over and over again:))
I like the people who attempt to discredit the validity of the concept. It's a joke you know? 
LOL, intelligent.
eventually in the end the zombies will get a chance to eat your brain ahahah
this will give running around the house a whole new meaning.
Female Devil in the house she kill men's
Zombies are mindless but they are strong in large numbers
I wish I knew what you guys were talking about? Zombies would still find a way in
Zombie proof???? How about on the corner??? Hmppp!
Looks like a sims house i built
@ Kenny Madrid  ;:: corner impossible , Zombies can enter from the roof using lader :PPPP
Theres no zombies! No need to protect your house!
This, or just dig a ditch all around the house
Yeah, but you're making them more athletic.  Should you decide to leave the house you are likely to get eaten by these now muscular zombies....
All in good fun, but is this why G+ is around, postings like this? 
+Don Sobotor Yes. Google+ is here for what ever you wuld like to post and in which manner. As long as you don't break the rules.
This would work perfectly against Americans deadwalkers. Just the view a treadmill will scare them.

(sorry; this one was easy)
Eric B.
Post-apocalypse, no electricity, however.
Creative way...hahaha
might cost a lot, but as long as it waves you...
jeff i
That was tickles idea
Ryan Ng
We'll see how well the plan works when zombies attack your house.
as long as you bolt them down and have enough extra cash, that is a brilliant idea
This is very informative. Just the other day I was wondering how I can zombie-proof my house.
I have a bad dream about zombies last night!!!! :O
I spent the night watching "Walking Dead" season 3
the power will be made through the friction the zombies made
So you tryna get the zombies in shape? You just turned your house into an Urban Active outdoor fitness gym...
Why not convert the treadmills into power generating treadmills and sync them to a power generator in the house? Free perpetual energy!
now you need to put sharpened spikes at the end of each treadmill so when the zombies fall off they get impaled 
Better would be a bunch of aerial faith plates pointing outward from the house. They could always walk on the side of treadmills, but with aerial faith plates, there are no sides and they get flung! God, I'm starting to sound like Cave Johnson. 
Unfortunately.. it is said that zombies can move objects & jump too.
no they cant there to dumb to do that :P this would so work lol 
Use them to generate power, and you'd never have to worry about having electricity again!
and some people say elliptical machines are better for you. Clearly not in the case of a zombie attack.
Smart my ass.. Whos gonna press the START button? Lol 
Can we charge the zombies a monthly fee for their gym?
Lol, very creative & smart.
Convert the motors to generators let the zombies supply the power
I smash or blow my steps up then they ant getting up
hey every body, best plan I've seen so far & wsh 2've one in future.
And you can have free electricity for "life"
greg s
Loved it...
So, that will be 2.5 million dollars to buy them all and keep them running all day every day... NO PROBLEM :D
I like how all this is made with CAD software.
Until the pg&e goes out, haha.
Well, that's just how my luck would treat me... 
I believe that the lack of abundant electrical power in a zombie apocalypse setting would make this form of protection short-lived.
If zombies can jump like  they do in Black Ops 2, that wouldn't be all that effective
Isoke M
Yeah now what happens when all the power goes out? hmmmm
Lmao, how are you going to get in and out of your house??
What about when they figure out how to either run, jump, or fly (plane or other stuff)???
Wait a second...WAS THIS MADE IN SKETCHUP (the program)? 
I believe it was made in one of the inventor professional programs.
And really make the zombies slimmer too......lmao
made me laugh, but they should be further out so you can sit in the garden and laugh at them ...
The problem is that when you run out of food and have to get away from the house you'll have the worlds most athletic zombies chasing you...
Mikael has a point and i never noticed it before......
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