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because flying bears with lazers
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for mention you can use "reply" link near his name
hmmm.... I wonder why lazer is coming up as misspelled on my spell check...
acronym: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. 

"Z" is wrong. 
okay wtf.... I spell it with a "z" and peoples say it's spelled with a "s".  Damnit I live in New Jersey and I could 75% be sure it's spelled with a Z, but since it's 4:20 I can't be positive... Someone clear this up stat!
It is with an "s" the "z" is just to make it more bad ass

As an example Shar or Zhar, which one sounds scarier?
dam! i was pretty scared of them before!!!
I didnt know Raptors engaged in 4/20 activities
wasnt there sumthin like this in age of empires?
I need these for my zoo or for my plan of conquering all of the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woww. Star bears. What will they. Think of next
hahaha EPIC! i want one to guard my garden lol
Why does Austin Powers suddenly come to mind? XP  
Oh wait, that's sharks with friggin lazers beams attached to their heads...this is soaring bears with lazer eyes.  
Friggin awesome!
So that's why grizzlies have the big humps for shoulders; it's a mounting position for their wings!
And here I thought it was a mounting point for the bearzooka.
why does powers to mind oh wait sharks withheads this soaring lazers awesome stands guy big presentAtion happy my garden lol star next
H Tet
V-22 wolud be permitted to have two beam machines.But Osprey is not Bear. Bear similar to carry and endure. Last alphabet of z could mean last of flying beam machine.A part of your name -raptor I do not know. Philosophy and Rapper? What can I catch,rapto?
Must sleep with Nakata-san of Haruki by Tetsu in Jap.
Keith H
This is your future...are you ready?
This Portrait...hand painted...over the
Signs of a mad scientist..
Ok who throws a muffin like really :)
How can I download his picture. Simply amazing. 
Those bears have some really lazy eyes. Look at the beams going all which way. LOL! 
This picture is questionable ...
+Philosoraptor it is spelled lazers! It's only spelled lasers if you want to be all proper n shit. Besides lasers would be pronounced "lay sirs", which definitely does not sound bad ass at all!

+Doug Anderson right click does amazing things! Sorry...that's all you get!
+Joe Caudill I want to download it on my phone. Something about the app doesn't allow users to save pix, which is a huge disappointment, cause I want this photo BAD. 
+Joe Caudill there are RUSSIAN bears. And in Russian the "laser" pronounced with very hard "z", even harder than in "zero". So, meet our peace-pigeons, buddy, Just from heart of the Siberian Taiga. 

You guys are so immature arguing over a spelling mistake who cares!

+Sergei Agarkoff I certainly wouldn't want to run into one of those "peace-pigeons" in the middle of the Siberian Tiaga! @_@
C Bagan
Not to friendly looking?
A 4-20 inspiration maybe?
how the hell did they get the wings and lazres
yeh.. it is interesting, cool bear's laser with wings.. ^^
C Bagan
Makes bear hunting interesting!
Well done raptor. You artfully capitalized on one or more lame jokes that should have died out years ago. I'm sure this will be at Hot Topic soon. 
Well thanks, not sleeping well tonight...... 
well it is different from the flying monkeys!
So that's how wild fires get started
Well you can't +Clark Kent so just go write your lame ass story about Superman ok!
That toon so messed me up when I first saw it, twisted bit with the rusty spoons is still in my head rattling around on the occasion making me burst with unexplainable laughter ..
Only possible comment "rusty spoons" 

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Tracy T
Cool..strength and power! :)
All my lovely dream want share with every body in thesworkd 
Truly the dumbest thing I have viewed in many weeks.
actualy horse should fly in tales & iron man should fire laser
Makes you think of the Age of Empires cheat ''o Canada''
That's how they will evolve one day....
Well if pigs can fly, why not bears?
Manbearpig would destroy laser bear
Because flying bears are cool but with lasers its even better! 
Those stylized scapular wings don't seem to have any muscles to power them. 
The bares are to fat if they can't fly!
Charles Darwin Must turning in his grave...
"The Ranger's not gonna like this, Yogi."

"Hey, hey, Booboo! It's better than a pic-a-nic basket!"
Now I've seen everything...
So basically these Bears start the forest fires that only I can prevent. Really?
Must of been on drugs to come up with this
Yogi and BooBoo ate radioactive" honey
makes the lions and tigers seem like the easier choices.
needs some hipster triangles
Laser was originally an acronym. "The term "laser" originated as an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." Thus the S is correct and the Z is wrong. +Philosoraptor
This is the first official poster of Star Wars Episode VII
Omgawsh! Skyrim and wizard of oz collide. Were screwed. 
We could use these on terrorist and Kim Jong Wu
Stephen Colbert's worst nightmare.
Finally, humans have a legitimate reason to be nice to bears. 
then do rondon first, i rive 200 mires away
Am I the only one that sees "lazes" and therefore misspelled because it is missing an "r"?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
So many memories of Age of Mythology, with the OCANADA bears...
It's a jersey thing +Philosoraptor :-) I live in Vineland (south jersey), where are you? Possibly at the Dino exhibit in North jersey? I've seen it spelled both ways but S is technically correct. 
+Joe Caudill
(down wan't to run into)
Of course! They will run into you, not you into them. Only newest counter-missiles may withstand against these laZerS-carrying sweet doves.
BTW, they can be even manned... well... after eating someone, of course.
+Nikola Josimovic
I already said that!
BTW, they're equipped with high precision guidance systems. Note the very precise shot between co-fighter's wings with yellow beams: left bear's wings will not be damaged at all!
And the bear climbed over the mountain, the bear climbed over the mountain...
Hey philosiraptor the reson why it's coming up as mispelt is its spelt laser not lazers (but option 2 look 100% beter)
i like Age Of Empires too but Age Of Bears is better
...are awesome. Sentence FINISHED. :D
Well now we kno what Area 51 been up to all these years! This is a prototype for a new american weapon- Genetically engineered bears from Alaska riding the heavens just in time for World War 3
therefore your argument is invalid XD
Canadian guards. They are more friendly than they look.
omg you guys have some strange lives!!!!!
Because flying spiders with lasers is too mainstream.....
Flying bears with freaking laser beams... When Apis bulls just aren't enough.
that is so fake and you boys can stop meassing around
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