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Welp, I've officially backed my 3rd Kickstarter campaign (2nd to succeed) and it's the new generation of the 1st campaign I backed. I've enjoyed my time with my Android Wear device, and still think the software is really cool, but the Pebble hardware is just way more fitting to my lifestyle and what I'm looking for in a watch.

Pebble Time advantages:
1) 7 day battery life
2) Always on screen
3) Watch I can fully trust in the water
4) Button navigation (I wear gloves a lot)

Moto 360 advantages:
1) Better Google Now (traffic maps and setting reminders)
2) Asking Google random questions

Neutral things I use a lot
1) Voice replies to messages
2) Android Wear notification options
3) Quick glance at notifications
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Moto 360 get!!

Detailed story on how I got it:

Apparently every Best Buy in the state, possibly nation, only got two Moto 360 watches each. One steel and one black. I failed to get one at my local Best Buy, Google Play, and Motorola' website.

My bosses lovely wife was off today and said she'd run to the one close to her to check, they were out. She them had them call another store who claimed they never got any and had been turning people away all day. She asked nicely if he wouldn't mind checking the back just in case. Sure enough, they had two. She then paid for it and picked it up for me. Like I said, lovely.

The Best Buy employee said she likely got the last Moto 360 in the state.
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Do South American geese fly North for the Winter?
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Here are my gas mileage stats for 2013. I, yet again, made a positive change over the previous year. But I bet +Megan Hendricks car has added miles again too.

Total Cost: $1178.292
Total Miles: 9,179
Total Gallons: 353.7
MPG: 26.1
Avg Gas Price: $3.34

Differences from 2012
Spending: -$233.70 (Better)
Miles: -1,587.00 (Way Better)
Gallons: -56.40 (Better)
_MPG:- -1 (Worse)
Avg Gas Price: -$0.10 (Cheaper)

I wonder if my purchase of an Automatic car sensor will affect my 2014 driving stats.
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Well, I've now purchased both a physical (Tomb Raider on 360) and a digital (ExDialer app on Android) item using Bitcoin. Though things were a little different than the standard credit card or cash purchase, I have 25 years of experience with that process, it was pretty simple.

I've enjoyed the experience, and will likely try it again down the road. If for nothing else, it's a fun little adventure using a fancy new currency. Now we just need more retailers to accept it.
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Super Broncos Dog is ready for the Big Game!
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This guy doesn't make anything terribly extreme but it seems to prove a pretty good point about TSA security. He basically makes various weapons using nothing but items you can purchase after you've already cleared security. If nothing else, his ingenuity is pretty impressive.
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So far I'm very impressed with Automatic, and I've only seen the installation and setup process. While setting it up I needed to look underneath the steering wheel, where it's very dark, luckily the developers were smart enough to put a flashlight quick toggle on that install step.

That's how you win me over, solve my problem before I even knew it was an issue.
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A beautiful Fall scene turned Winter with the flick of a wrist. Can't get much easier than that.
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I got an invitation to buy Google Glass but I am not going to use it. It expires in 3 days if someone wants it. First come first serve.
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