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Allison Thurman

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Spring Heeled Jack inspired Batman? I can kinda see it. Fun fact: SHJ first bounced around the Barnes Common area of London, just a hop skip and jump away from the village of Mortlake, where John Dee did his occult studies ~300 years prior.

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"I am so, SO pretty!"

I get that Ichabod might not be happy in skinny jeans but surely Abbie can get him to a reenactment sutler or the like. The 18th c look is great but after ~9 episodes his clothes have got to be pretty ripe by now #sleepyhollow

Checking in for the first time in an age. Y'all still here?

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Freed to the world!! (Via manual GIS and download...)

h/t +Matthew Hicks and +J. M. Weber  

If anyone wonders why I've gone silent, it's because I can't figure out Google+'s Android app. And why have all of these people I don't follow materialized in my circles?

Nothing quite like springy alpaca socks on a cold day :)
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