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#Electrical Contractor #Brisbane – Electricians Servicing Brisbane Metro Area
Electrician Brisbane Northside has updated its electrician service in Brisbane to provide an expanded service area to new customers and old.
People who need electrical contractors in Brisbane Australia looking for an expanded service area can now take advantage of the new offering from Electrician Brisbane Northside. Electrician Brisbane Northside has implemented a new element for those requiring Electricians in Brisbane. Electrician Brisbane Northside electrical contractors are expanding to cover all of the Brisbane area, to benefit both new and existing customers, in order to Provide high quality electrical contracting services in Brisbane.

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Houston #RealEstate Expertise Property Investment Agency Services Launched
Johnna Little, a Houston realtor working with Keller Williams Luxury International, launched a variety of updated property investment and real estate services.
Ms. Little offers extensive property investment and management services, wide market exposure and professional staging expertise.

More information is available at

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Men Wear #Clothesmake Personalization Is More than Just a Fashion Statement
Wearing well-fitted, personalized suits can be more than just fashion statement. What men wears and the way they wore their clothes has a way of changing the person.
It can change how they view the world, how others see them and even how they perform. There certainly is a positive impact when a man wears custom suits designed perfectly for them.

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New Show Discusses Twelve-Step Group Support for Family Members of #Addicts
In this episode of Recovery ReLOVution, we discuss 12-Step programs for families of addicts, known as Anon programs. While Anon programs can be a useful resource, it’s important to have realistic expectations about what they are and what they aren’t.
In the new episode of Recovery ReLOVution, the show’s host, Dr. Gala Gorman, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of 12-Step Anon programs for family members of addicts.

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#Mobbo Reveals Which Ad Networks Perform Best for Mobile App Marketers
Mobbo has sifted through the technology stack of 3.1 million apps, analyzing over 1,000 SDK components to calculate the Mobile Advertising Power Index, which reveals the key players in the mobile advertising market.
Tel-Aviv, Israel – Mobbo has sifted through the technology stack of 3.1 million apps, analyzing over 1,000 SDK components to calculate the Mobile Advertising Power Index, which reveals the key players in the mobile advertising market.

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Heritage Foundation: #Grassroots Organization Launched
The Heritage Foundation has lead conservative think tanks regarding free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
However, there has been a hole left by grassroots groups, tea party patriots, 9-12 and others, that helped conservatives win elections.

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Local Attraction Will Stay Open Despite Storm Damage
Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center in Stevens, PA took a major hit from a recent wind storm that hit Lancaster County, but that doesn’t mean they are closing up shop.
“We were hit pretty hard,” said Justin Harnish, Director of the family adventure and retreat center. “Several of our outdoor activities will need to be assessed and repaired as necessary, but a majority of our lodging options made it through the storm unharmed,” he added.

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#LeekElm Selects Top Rated Web #Hosting Services for Clients on a Budget
LeekElm.Com has published recent selections of handpicked and tested top web hosting services based on the essential criteria, to help its readers navigate the market and choose the host that will serve them best.

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Main #Consulting Agency Launches New Strategy to Influence C-Suite Executives
Main Consulting Agency and Just Aim 4 Success have announced a formal launch particular for Coaching, their latest Leadership, Branding, Executive Presence for Multi-National Corporations, C-Suite Leaders, Director/VP Level Leadership.
Main Consulting Agency and Just Aim 4 Success will be working together on their newest launch for Coaching starting January 26, 2017. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in Best practices for Leadership Coaching and Personal Development. PQ Assessment results provide insights into elevated Strategic Branding.

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Bizarre Act Of #Vandalism #DelaysWassen Hole Bicentennial Celebration
Wassen Hole East Dakota- Wassen Hole Police in Barren County is looking for the culprit in a bizarre act of vandalism. After a two year restoration to repair damage from 2014’s super-storm, the oldest building in the town was set to have a grand reopening today. Unfortunately, when event organizers arrived this morning, they found the building defaced with hand prints and phrases written in black smudges and marks. Initially identified as paint, it later became evident that the vandals used coal and coal residue to completely deface not only freshly restored exterior but the interior as well.
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