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FISH546: Bioinformatics for Environmental Sciences
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Official Course website for FISH546: Bioinformatics for Environmental Sciences

Communication will occur primarily through posts and hangouts on Google+. See Timeline at right for details on how course will be organized.


Nice selection of free online sequence analysis tools.
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Here is a how-to video on using Galaxy to Group a tab delimited file.

Specifically this is needed to reformat GO annotations so they can be used as an annotation file in CLC.

A little more editing of the text would be needed in either Galaxy or excel, but this will get you through the bottleneck.
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Belorussian translation available. Unix and Perl Primer for Biologists. We have written a basic introductory course for biologists to learn the essential aspects of the Perl programming language. This...
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Assignment Due Tuesday

For Tuesday, please upload 3 slides on Google+.
These 3 slides should encompass
1) Your primary research question
2) Your bioinformatic approach
3) Your results (or answer to your research question)

You could simply creating slides in PowerPoint (or Keynote) and export as images.
You are welcome to be more creative however. If you want to make a short video, that is acceptable.

Please post by 2pm Tuesday and we will discuss in class.

Continue to work in your groups to provide comments on your peers papers.

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"As we have previously noted, traditional journals often have limits on the number of files that you can put into the paper, even as supplemental information. The use of figshare to break open the restraints of current traditional publishing models has been demonstrated this week in a publication in PLoS ONE..."
#opendata #openscience #figshare
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Looking for new ways to visualize your genomics data?
Give VizDeck a look.

A project of the University of Washington eScience Institute.

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By Fabrizio Ghiselli. Despite their biological, ecological and economical importance, very little is known about bivalve genetics/genomics and until recently (see for example Boutet et al. 20081; Craf...
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Learn Perl in your own time with this series and Learning Perl (6th edition) from O'Reilly Publishing.
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Collecting the data took several years, writing the paper took several months, assembling the figures took several weeks, and converting those figures to PDFs took a frustratingly long day. You waited...
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