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I think this dialog has taken over as my "most despised dialog" in Flash Catalyst.

Things that would make this more useful:

* What was the percentage completion? I know I need to go back into Illustrator and try to prune things, but how much do I need to prune? How many objects did you find, and what was the limit?

* Are there empty groups that count against the objects total? Can you please automatically remove empty groups? (By empty group, I mean a group that contains exactly one child, which is also a group, and the outer group does not change the presentation at all)

* Add a "That's OK, show me what you were able to import" button so I can at least move forward in Catalyst.
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I'm trying to work with both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst at the same time and my MacBook Pro sounds like it's about to lift off of my desk. The left and right fans are both at 5100+ rpm.
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I just recently dusted off an old AIR application that I was working on as a side project. I haven't touched it in 2 years, and when I opened it I discovered I was using ORM with ColdFusion 9's Offline Storage powered by cfair.swc.

What ever happened to that? My thinking at the time was that it was great that there was an "official" ORM solution for AIR and that it would only improve in time, but as far as I can tell it's essentially dead code today.

As a result, I've decided to strip out all of the cfair.swc references (it's a small project and database so there aren't too many of them) and replace them with some hand crafted SQL, leveraging +Paul Robertson's project (mainly for batching statements).

I'm still in progress on the conversion, but my gut is telling me this is the right direction. The new code reads a little better, is more explicit about what is happening, and I have more control over the database interaction.
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