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Nicholas Klacsanzky
Meditation. Haiku. Tabla. Singing.
Meditation. Haiku. Tabla. Singing.

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I wrote an essay on self realization, and objective and subjective existence. Feel free to share it with anyone. The share link is: This doc is open to the public.

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escalator steps
the reflection
of her yellow dress

7x20, February, 2016

© Nicholas Klacsanzky

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A spring shower:
and then, each drop turns into
a wild strawberry.

© Vladimir Devidé (1925-2010)

I attempted to write commentary on this haiku by the most prominent Croatian haiku poet, Vladimir Devidé. Let me know your thoughts about this haiku.

the ant rests
on an acorn cap—
a faint thought

A Hundred Gourds, 5:2, 2016

© Nicholas Klacsanzky

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of the caged chickadee . . .
late winter wind

Modern Haiku, 48:2, 2017

sporadic rain
the ups and downs
of masala chai

Merit Award, 1st Montenegrin Haiku Contest in English, 2017

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winter nights
telling the walls
all my secrets

Chrysanthemum, Issue 21, April, 2016

© Christina Sng

Wrote commentary on this haiku that explores the relationship between the animate and inanimate, and much more.
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