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Spicy Mango and chili jam
Want something spicy or sour with a good taste of mango yes you got it
right. Ingredients v   One sliced   Mango v   Chili sauce or 2 chili v   Salt v   Mint leaves Method You have take every ingredients and put it in a blender and
blend it very well. When ...

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Special mint sauce
This is a special sauce that can be use for any purpose. You use it in time
when you are eating popcorn, chicken rolls, veggie rolls, pakworas. In Asian country
its widely use in different kind of spicy food. Ingredients ·          Mint leaf ·          salt...

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Crunchy chocolate milkshake
Its already summer days and summer is full of eating fruits , shakes ,
puddings , ice cream etcetera . in summer days its really necessary to drink
more often than any other days or seasons. So there is a new recipe I tried and
its super delicious. Ingredie...

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Home made chicken burger
Homemade Chicken-Egg Burger It’s a very easy way to make home made chicken burger .if there are guest
coming in your home you should just take 1 hour and prepare it. Be sure for how
many people you are preparing it for  . Ingredients ·             4 breads ...

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A Quick Menicure For Mordern Women.
In these era women are working equally and hand to hand with men. They have become so busy that they hardly get enough time for their own caring. Womans take care of their face but they forget about their hand legs, feet. So i am giving you a easy and quick...

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Water marble nail Art video.
This video is about nail art. This nail art is a water marble nail art. Easy to make this type of nail art. You will only need everything in here. Easy and stylish.

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Leg care tips.
Beautiful legs makes an extra charisma to your look. Though you must be
acquainted with some of the good beauty tips for your
other body parts your legs are no less important for you and need a
special  and good care. Besides going to the beaut...

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List of healthy food item which will help to lightening skin
 Every girl wants to look beautiful and fair.The girl with a fair skin is considered beautiful. If someone wish to beautiful and stay healthy at the same time she or he will have to follow a balanced and a healthy diet.there are some food items that will gi...
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