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New York Trip - Travel Day
We flew out of Sea-Tac on Friday at 4:00pm to come to the Big Apple! So... this happened. About 10 minutes from the airport. Enough said.  Happy girl. Ellie Coffee and chicken nuggets (see on top of the suitcase). It was a very,  very  full plane. They were...

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Recent Projects and a Little Spring Cleaning
We have always got a project (or 5) going on here! Ellie Jo running after her daddy on a recent shopping excursion to the Home Depot Especially since we had our neighbors' 80ft cedar tree fall on our house and property back in November, we've added many, ma...

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My Friend Far Away and Mommy Quiet Baths
Oh, how I miss the days of bathing a newborn! I never thought I'd say that, back when I had a newborn, 3 years ago! The reality is that it's increasingly difficult to manage a squirming toddler in the tub, especially when she needs to get washed up, but I j...

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Dad's (Extended) Birthday and My Foodie Obessions
Each year for my dad's birthday, I give him the gift of a homemade
meal of his choice, and some kind of fun family outing. It's an
unofficial tradition. Part of it is because his birthday is December
23rd, and it was always super important to me to make ...

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November 2015 Goals
I didn't do an October Goals post - oops! Time got away from me. Here's how I did in September: Keep up with my Galatians bible study - no. Not even close. I actually had to drop this. :( Hoping to catch it up over the break and be ready for the new study t...

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Cousin Pictures - The Boys (part 1 of 2)
Since all of the cousins from the Byers side of the family
have been together in the same country for a little while this summer (these cousins are spread out across the state and the world!), we got some time to do cousin pictures together! Today, it was ...

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Grandpa & Grandma Byers' 50th Anniversary
Back in August, we had a huge party for Grandpa & Grandma Byers' 50th Wedding Anniversary! The theme was based on their favorite Musical, The Phantom of the Opera. We had some thoughts from each of their five children, a fashion show of family heirloom dres...

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September 2015 Goals
I somehow stopped doing these "goals" posts awhile back, and I want to get started with it again! So here are my goals for September this year: Keep up with my Galatians bible study Finish 3 books Take a vacation  Wash & iron all master bedroom sheets  Get ...

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Did You See?
"Did you see what your daughter just did? She scurried up Mount HeapaClothes, moved the towels that were folded on the back of the couch, grabbed her tablet that you CAN'T see from the floor, and slid down the side of Crump it to Dump it." Yep; those words ...

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Anyone in the market for a gorgeous home in Lake Stevens? Check this one out! (PS - you may know the photographer!)
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