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Mitrik Spanner
Maker, Fixer, Friend to Dogs & Cats, Outdoorsman, Indoorsman.
Maker, Fixer, Friend to Dogs & Cats, Outdoorsman, Indoorsman.

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The truth about education revealed. Kids are learning and teaching machines. Schools have been impeding the process more often than not. Especially when attendance is compulsory.

This video is sweet education anarchy.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protesters I've heard form so far seem to be white college kids who want subsidized tuition and all the rest of the trappings of a Scandinavian welfare state. This they would finance by higher taxes on the rich. Not a word about monetary policy or the "guns and butter" type of economic questions.

What's up with Mexico? Yesterday two corpses were found hanging from the pedestrian footbridge over the Rio Grande a Nuevo Laredo. It appears to be yet another act of extreme violence and terrorism linked to the criminal drug gangs. Northern Mexico appears to be a third world hellhole on the U.S's southern border.

If they had any sense down there they would bring in some Swiss bankers and Indian doctors and start a free trade zone to cater to North America. Banking privacy, low cost medical care, Amsterdam style marijuana clubs, loose women, and gambling. All within walking distance of the USA. I'd invest in that.

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Concealed Guns Backed by 243 in U.S. House

"If Congress adopts a bill that the National Rifle Association is pushing, Florida’s licenses would apply to 49 states in all -- allowing their holders to carry hidden guns in places such as midtown Manhattan, where the New York Police Department rejects most such applications for “concealed- carry” permits."

Everything we know is wrong. Or at least what we learn from certain "experts" is. Too much salt in your diet? Fugeddaboutit! Too much saturated fat? Worry no more! Fat and salt are good for you. Scientists now believe that commonly prescribed antibiotics have far ranging effects that were unanticipated. Don't wait for your doctor to tell you though. One evening spent studying the latest info and you'll know more than he does. And don't let me get started on economists with all their prattle about scientific management of the money supply and government job creation. What a bunch of losers!
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