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A New Focus: Resistance
Today's (November 2, 2015) Vortex is different. There's no pencil-twirling, and no Vortex music. It's an important message, and you should watch.  Occasionally, I'm tempted to jump back into the fray and start blogging again, but I can't go there. What I th...

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Announcement: Posting here will be very sporadic
for the foreseeable future. If we are particularly inspired to post something, or if there are important notices regarding the Society, then you will see a new post! In the meantime, be sure to “like” the St....

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To Lose One's Life, Or Save It
A Homily by Fr. Eric M. Andersen St. Stephen Catholic Church, Portland September 13th, 2015 Dominica XXIV Per Annum, Anno B “whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the gospel will save it.” These wor...

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About Our Masses
 The date for the next Extraordinary Form (aka Latin Mass) at St. Francis in Bend, Oregon, is this coming Sunday (September 6, 2015) at 1:30 PM.  Here after celebrations of the Latin Mass at St. Francis will occur every other week (September 20, September 2...

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The Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist
This is a re-post of a homily by Fr. Eric Andersen, who is currently at St. Stephen's in Portland, OR. This post first appeared on this blog three years ago. A homily by Fr. Eric M. Andersen, on The Passion of St. John the Baptist “It is not lawful for thee...

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Why Ad Orientem? A Short Video Explanation
Here's an instructive video, with this description on You Tube: Published on Jul 25, 2014 One of the most obvious differences between the Old Rite of Mass and the Novus Ordo is the direction in which the priest faces. Worship 'ad orientem', or facing East, ...

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Fr. Andersen Homily: Becoming New Through Confession and the Eucharist
Homily for Sunday, August 2nd,
2015 Fr. Eric M. Andersen August 2nd, 2015 St. Stephen Catholic Church Dominica XVIII Per Annum, Anno B   The philosophers and scientists of Ancient Greece and Rome had
incredible intellects: Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle––to n...

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The Feast of St. Martha, Virgin
From the Office of Matins : Martha was the daughter of
noble and wealthy parents, but is best known as having been the  hostess of the
Lord Christ. After that He was ascended into heaven, Martha, along with her
brother Lazarus, her sister Mary Magdalene, he...

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NFP Awareness Week Conclusion: Heroic Parenthood
I want to recommend once again an excellent article entitled
“Heroic Parenthood”, by Christopher  Gawley, which can be read here  in  Christian
Order  magazine. I’m closing out my “NFP Awareness Week” posts with an
excerpt from that article: The Solution St...

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NFP Awareness Week: The Great NFP Debate
When I started writing about
NFP, it was from the standpoint, basically, of “something is  wrong with
NFP”.  There were a couple of things to
do with methodology – the lack of modesty associated with the teaching of it
and even the practice of it; and the a...
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