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An interactive language learning course designed to teach you Russian
An interactive language learning course designed to teach you Russian

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Hello and Привет! 

We regret to say that our LearnRussian Team has to say goodbye to you all. Our website will continue to run but we won’t publish new posts to our social network pages. Neither will we be able to release several useful updates that were planned.

We must say that it’s been a wonderful half a year for us! We hope that everything that we did was of help to you. Together, we’ve created a unique website, which is indeed one of a kind. We are very happy that the interest to studying Russian continues to grow. For the six months that our website has been up and runing, more than 250 000 users visited it and about 40% of those users have stayed with us and studied. As far as we are concerned, this is some great results! Please continue to learn this great and amazing Russain language using the website LearnRussian! Don’t give up!

Should you have any questions or comments about the site or how it works, please direct them to the following e-mail address:

Всего доброго и удачи! 

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Previously, we talked about work and jobs. What we haven't talked about though is loosing a job. Here're some Russian words and phrases to help you talk about this unpleasant and uneasy situation. 

уволить (oo-VOH-lit') - to fire (someone);
уволиться (oo-VOH-lit-sya) - to quit, to leave a job;
уволиться по собственному желанию (oo-VOH-lit-sya pa-SOHB-stven-na-moo zhi-LAH-niyu) - to leave a job at one's own request;
быть уволенным (byt-oo-VOH-li-nym) - to get the sack;
сокращение штата (sak-ra-SCHYE-niye SHTAH-ta) - staff reduction;
попасть под сокращение (pa-PAHST' pad-sak-ra-SCHYE-niye) - to be dismissed on grounds of redundancy;
закрыть проект (zak-RYT pra-YEKT) - to close/stop a project;
заявление об уходе (za-yav-LYE-niye ap-oo-KHOH-di) - resignation;
компенсация (kam-pin-SAH-tsiya) - compensation;
персональные рекомендации (pyer-sa-NAHL-niye RYE-ka-min-DAH-tsyi) - personal recommendations.

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Do you know that most of the European languages belong to three broad groups: Germanic, Romance and Slavic? Take this quiz to learn more interesting facts about languages.

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Today is the European Languages day - Европейский День Языков - (yev-ra-PEY-skiy DEN' ya-zy-KOV). It was established in 2001 and is celebrated in 47 European countries including Russia. Although Russian is not one of the official languages of the EU, it is widely spoken in some member states.

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When you work, you also usually have the following:

рабочий день (ra-BOH-chy dyen) - workday
обеденный перерыв (a-BYE-di-ny pi-ri-RYV) - lunch break
выходной/ выходные (vy-khad-NOY/ vy-khad-NYE) - day off/ days off
отпуск (OHT-poosk) - vacation, holidays
отгул (AHT-gool) - compensatory leave, day off
больничный (bal-NYCH-ny) - sick leave 
зарплата (zar-PLAH-ta) - salary
коллега (ka-LYE-ga) - a colleague (both, f. and m.)
сотрудник (sat-ROOD-nik) - worker, employee
начальник (na-CHAHL-nik) - boss
начальство (na-CHAL-stva) - bosses, the higher-ups

(an old Soviet poster: “Congratulations on getting the new salary!”)

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Most of us have jobs - работа (ra-BOH-ta). What's your job like? Here are some Russian words and expressions you might find useful when describing your job to others:

любимая (lyu-BEE-maya) работа - the work/job you like
нелюбимая (ni-lyu-BEE-maya) работа - the work/job you don’t like
ненавистная (ni-na-VEEST-na-ya) работа - the work/job you hate
скучная (SKOOCH-na-ya) работа - a boring job
работа в радость (ra-BOH-ta f-RAH-dast) - a job that’s a joy
каторга (KAH-tar-ga) - drudgery
низкооплачиваемая (NEES-ka-ap-LAH-chi-va-ye-ma-ya) работа - a low-paid job
высокооплачиваемая (vy-SOH-ka-ap-LAH-chi-va-ye-ma-ya) работа - a high-paying job
непыльная (ni-PYL-na-ya) работа - an easy job that doesn’t require much skill
физический труд (fi-ZEE-chis-ky troot) - physical, manual labour
умственный труд (OOM-stvye-ny troot) - intellectual work

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Artists, poets, musicians and writers are often inspired by the season of Autumn. Here are some of the things that they find inspiring: краски осени (KRAHS-ki OH-si-ni) - the colours of autumn, запахи осени (ZAH-pa-khi OH-si-ni) - the smells of autumn, вкусы осени (FKOO-sy OH-si-ni), осеннее небо (a-SYEN-nie NYE-ba) - autumn skies, and even дождь (dozhd) - rain! Everyone has their own associations with this season. A famous Russian rock bank "ДДТ" wrote a song called "Что такое осень?", which is translated as "What is autumn?". Listen to the song and their answer to the question!

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If you've fallen ill due to changeable autumn weather, you might need to go the pharmacy and buy medicine your doctor prescribed. Check out this lesson and you won't be lost for words. And get better!

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Most shops in major Russian cities take credit cards. But if you stumble upon one that doesn't or if you love the feel of cash in your wallet, ATMs are readily available virtually at every corner and today's episode of "A Little Bit of Russian" is all about using them.

ATM - банкомат (bahn-ka-MAHT)
card - карта (KAHR-ta)
receipt - чек (chek)
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