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Group Creativity: All sorts of interesting stuff: brainstorming with a total ban on criticism doesn't work, a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar colleagues produces the best creative output, and spatial proximity and accidental meetings make a big difference in group creativity.
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That's interesting: according to Chuck Jones whenever a writer/director team put together a story and a rough storyboard at Termite Terrace they then invited everyone in the building (well, not Leon Schlesinger or Eddie Seltzer--I think the only meeting that he and Fritz Freeling would have invited Seltzer to would have involved a barrel of quicklime and a pit) to comment, with no negative comments allowed, and someone taking notes so the team could look them over later and decide what to add.
Maybe it depends how negative the criticism is; I frown at the "no criticism rule" but I want it gentle & constructive. All positive without a skilled facilitator making sure things move along can be pretty fluffy. But that's enough comment for not having read the article yet.
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