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John Bastian

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"Being a moral person requires taking on the personal responsibility of judging right and wrong and following one's own conscience, which is the opposite of respecting and obeying 'authority'. "

~ Larken Rose



John Bastian

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Support a party that represents you, not corporations! Register and vote Green Party:

John Bastian

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We could argue upon one point that me and you disagree with, and that rather it is all a absolute random existence or in truth everything has a connection in this existence. Both view points are backed by science, though one is more unrealistic in the mathematical statistics yet neither can be thoroughly be proven. For to do that we would have to be true master of the universe. We are always thinking small when it comes to any origin including our own. And there is no way of scaling it down to where we can be all knowing among our kind. A god in our own right. The fact is sooner or later no matter how deep we dig we have to admit we don't really know, for its not in our power for the scope in which we are capable of looking is just too small. I am agnostic not because I'm confused but because I realize my limitations as a human being.

John Bastian

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John Bastian

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Anybody know a way of deleting all of your Google plus public post in one shot...? I like a fresh empty page without have to deleting my profile. And while I know backups of everything are kept. I still value the right to massively change my page at any given time. If it is even possible.

John Bastian

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The website for the United States National Security Agency suddenly went offline Friday.

John Bastian

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I think it's an unbridgeable gap in logic to assume that such a storehouse would make us safer, on the contrary I'd contend that it would jeopardize us further as our "Intelligence" agencies drown in data. Don't believe me? The Boston Bombing was handed to our "Intelligence" agencies gift wrapped on a golden platter and STILL they didn't stop it.

John Bastian

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Opponents of the United States government’s use of subpoenas to compromise an encrypted email service call the court’s actions unreasonable and unnecessary, and say the result of the catastrophic security event is a chilling effect felt around the world.
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I have done many things during my life, but I would consider none of them a permanent occupation. Jack of all trades: Master of none.
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Free The World, Let that describe everything I am about
I would like to introduce myself in such a way that I am both humble and you know everything I stand for. Who we are today, isn't who we are tomorrow. I am both a political and personal motivated writer. I don't do it as profession, but instead as a passion and hobby. Things I hate ignorance, greed, prejudice, selfishness, and those who lack the willingness to have an open mind.
But I will not openly tell you I dislike you because I believe nobody including me has the right judge another human being without going through it and knowing all the facts. I like to observe and learn. I am a big fan of Linux and open source. I hate corporations and what they stand for. I'm not religious, yet I believe in god. I am agnostic and have no place in my heart for organize religion. I am not a private person, and have no desire to hide behind close doors, yet I will not let you know more then I have to because it is not just me I have to think about but also my family and friends. If you looking for personal pictures, I won't be sharing any. This is a personal choice and many details they can tell you about a person. But I live my private life privately and I desire neither the notoriety or fame.
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