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From, possibly the funniest speculation I've ever heard about armadillos, one which makes me go "hmmm"...

"My daughter-in-law is pretty certain that there’s no such thing as a live armadillo.  And the reason she’s certain is that she’s never seen a live one.  The only armadillos she has ever seen are belly up in the middle of the road.  She figures that somebody with nothing better to do, which pretty much includes everybody in the towns of Pleak, Pasadena, and Pine, runs out and puts these fake dead animals in the roadway just to mess with our minds.  Or maybe they are just born dead.  I dunno."

It also used to be a thing to place them on the side of the road with Lone Star beer bottles in their little dead paws, but haven't seen that lately.

Anyway, here's an explanation of the whole Jade Helm warfare we're expecting, complete with armadillos:

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There was a CSPAN show with the author of this book & it was fascinating. The Amazon link lets you see a large portion of the contents. There's also a youtube talk about it, but not as good as the original show.

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+Doug Tyrrell has a post up about fuzzy math that made me think of this segment I saw this morning. Not only will the food make you drool, but turns out that 10% of $250 is $50 - what a deal!

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Having been a lifelong snacker/nibbler type,  I've recently become addicted to  You can get 1st & 5th box free with a simple google search for a coupon code.

I'm not affiliated with them in any way, except as a satisfied customer.  Always like to pass on a newly discovered treasure.

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This is sad, but also had me laughing out loud in parts. I've probably been in Radio Shack once in the last 20 years & vaguely remember taking back whatever $10 item it was I bought. This makes me feel bad that it cost somebody a commission - never thought about that before. Had no idea they were still in business.

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My favorite commercial - GEICO Horror Story.  "Head for the cemetery!"

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Can't top the comments at Shane's post.

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I've been waiting all day to see how this would play out. Our idiot governor Rick Perry tried to one-up President Obama by refusing to meet him at the airport and shake his hand unless Obama agreed to a sit-down meeting. This is the result.

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I've been on a tear lately, selling a shed full of toys on craigslist. During that endeavor, I ran across this video of one of them. Hard to believe I voluntarily bought something this noisy and annoying, but got to admit it's kinda fun.

I should open a toy store - got way too many old toys & dolls & have been informed not to expect grandkids. I feel garage sale season coming on...

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I find the new McDonalds Egg White McMuffin hilarious after the experience I had with my local one almost 2 years ago.  Here are email excerpts I sent at the time:

Woke up this morning & decided I wanted an Egg McMuffin & frozen yogurt.  Sounds simple, right?  But you would be wrong.

Went to Mickey D's at 10:30.  Nobody in the drive-through!  Ordered my Egg McMuffin with no yolk, as I've done for the last 30 years with no problem.  Then it went downhill:

"You want an Egg McMuffin with no egg?"  Explained I wanted the white part of the egg, but not the yolk.  "I don't know if we can do that." 

Three wrong orders and 30 minutes later, this was the outcome:

 So I park & go in.  And wait about 10 minutes.  The manager & 4 other employees discussed it like it was rocket science.  She described to them in detail how this overwhelming cooking accomplishment should be performed.  ("You know how you put the egg into the ring to cook?  You do it the same way, except don't use the yellow part", etc.)  One person pulled out a big book, apparently looking for more detailed procedures.  The counter girl kept telling me it would just be another couple of minutes, and asked me what it meant to not have yolk in it.  (I am NOT making this shit up!)

I just kept smiling pleasantly and patiently, engaging in inane conversation, and hoping nobody was spitting on it.  A perfect example of why I try not to go out in public, and the reason I've never watched the movie "Idiocracy".  No need to pay for a movie when you can live it for free.

....So that was the end of my email rant 2 years ago.  My brother responded that I was being too picky.  And now they're advertising them as their new big healthy thing.  I think that means I win.  Where's my prize?
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