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hey Gemini, happy birthday!
You need all of you, both of you, the many faces of you to get on board for this Mercury retrograde round up. Happening in your sign and in your First House of self, body, vitality and the you of you, it could very well be wonderfully weird and fascinatingly freaky as long as you don’t expect things to be normal or neat or tidy. Mix-ups, messy endings, mayhem and creating chaos to get out of situations that no longer hold your interest are all in a days work for you.

Too bad this week’s aim is to pin you down.

Too bad this week wants answers. Too bad this week comes bearing consequences to any of your flightier faux pas. Too bad this week exposes some truths about your relationships or your part in your relationships that you’d rather not deal with. Actually, it’s too good.

This week is a lesson in real talk from real-life loves. The more you care about the people that you may have problems with, the more information you’ll be able to extract from any run-ins. There’s no point in hiding this week. There is also no point in assuming that you understand what another is doing, why they are doing it or what they feel about you when they are doing it. 

Making someone’s actions mean something personal about you is the fastest route to misunderstanding. If you want to know what’s up with another, just ask them. Straight up and with no chaser. 

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