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Hi Linux community!
I've used and obviously had lot of geek fun as well as trouble with Linux. However never slatted to one, because I do something to experiment and it's all messed up.

What do I do?
- A Browser with 15 tabs
- Embedded system programming, Arduino, ARM, Xilinx, all those electronics stuff.
- Doc work 

I can't decide what to select for it, like I don't want to get into a mess to install a library, or keep seeking help to install everything.

Please help me select one, that fits right. (It'd be awesome if it also has some aesthetics)
Thanks :)
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Ubuntu (I've had bad time with it)
Other (Please Please Please comment!!!)

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Parth Parikh commented on a post on Blogger.
I've been using WinSCP, it can do all that permission things and has a pretty nice PuTTY integration.

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Fix Hash Fails in P2P downloads and speed up torrents !!!

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Give this a try.

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Give "wget" a try.

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Time to change your download manager !!!

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