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I don't understand this maybe someone can enlighten me: I know on Motorola's website they have the Griffin Docks back in stock however, from what I've seen by dimensions and heard from people if you have a case on your Moto X the Griffin Dock wont work. WHY? Why make a dock that wont work with a case on it? I use a Otterbox Commuter (OC) on my Moto X. I've had a Bionic, Droid Razr, Droid Razr M with an OC on them and was able to use a Motorola OEM car dock on them. Now I have a Moto X with an OC but no OEM car dock available to use. I like using the car dock, plug it in and the phone goes into car mode and  you can stream your music or use the navigation and the phone doesn't time out. If you release a car dock for a specific phone, why not make sure it work with a case on it.

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!!!!!!!!!*!   Funny  Cat  !!!!!!!!!!!!!--!!
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Awesome video. Even the Grinch would have his heart warmed by this video

Anyone who is running GEL on their X, what effects does the GEL have on the X? does it disable anything? or distort anything? Ive read on the interwebs that applying the GEL on the X distorted icons and disabled some features of the X
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