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I'm a jovial lad who loves the internet.
I'm a jovial lad who loves the internet.


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A new GOPDebateWatch was launched for the debate tonight - good times!

For convenience and fun, I've listed the words here to learn more on why the GOP candidates are using them so frequently.

noun: GOP candidate Herman Cain's proposed tax plan, whereby a business flat tax, an individual flat tax, and a sales tax are fixed at 9%. Economists say the plan would explode the deficit and raise taxes on many middle-class families, but hey, it has such a snappy name.

noun: (1) The act of granting forgiveness to a group of individuals by an organization such as a government. (2) A scare tactic employed by GOP candidates to deflect attention from their opposition to a sensible solution to fix our broken immigration system. President Obama supports the DREAM Act, which would give patriotic and diligent students an opportunity to achieve the American dream, and is committed to passing a comprehensive immigration reform that would create a legal immigration system that secures our border, holds employers who game the system accountable, and makes sure undocumented immigrants follow the same rules as everyone else. Republicans, on the other hand, are obstructing progress on all sensible solutions by playing to their Tea Party base and hiding behind buzzwords such as amnesty.

class warfare
noun: A GOP term for any policy that asks the wealthiest people and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. Example: President Obama's proposed Buffett Rule, which would ask millionaires and billionaires to pay the same tax rate as their secretaries (and only impact 0.3 percent of Americans). In the meantime, taxes for most Americans are at their lowest rate since Harry Truman was in office.

noun: A rule or law determining procedure. Used by Republicans to invoke fear of government overreach and justify their defense of policies that give advantages to the wealthiest Americans and corporations. Regulatory bodies the GOP candidates have promised to dismantle include the Department of Education, which helps prepare millions of American children for college and for the workforce, and the Environmental Protection Agency, which ensures the air we breathe is clean and our water is safe to drink. President Obama believes that regulations should strike a commonsense balance between protecting our safety, health, and environment while promoting job creation and economic growth.

flat tax
noun: A radical restructuring of the current U.S. tax system that would eliminate taxes on inherited estates, capital gains, and other sources of investment income while increasing the share of the burden placed on the middle class. The flat tax would reward those fortunate enough to have substantial income from wealth and investments while punishing the vast majority of hardworking Americans. When GOP candidates call for a flat tax, they’re calling for a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans—one that would ask almost every taxpayer in the country to pay a higher share.

noun: A disparaging term used by Republicans to refer to the Affordable Care Act, reform signed into law by President Obama that will lower health care costs and extend health coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. Origin: Normally used in conjunction with Republican scare-mongering to misrepresent the plan as a monolithic, choice-eradicating system. In fact, the Affordable Care Act contains provisions to remove lifetime coverage limits and require insurance companies to treat individuals regardless of pre-existing conditions--making it, according to GOP candidate Rick Santorum, "the most dangerous piece of legislation in many generations … I believe Obamacare will rob America of its soul."

verb: To make obsolete by authoritative act. GOP candidates have pledged to repeal every piece of legislation looking out for the middle class President Obama has passed, including health care reform (the Affordable Care Act), Wall Street reforms and consumer protections (the Dodd-Frank Law). Rolling back these pieces of legislation would effectively bring the country back to the failed policies that caused this recession.

noun: Statewide health care reform signed into law in 2006 by Mitt Romney. Republican attacks on health care reform often fail to take into account the candidates' records—particularly in the case of Mitt Romney, whose Massachusetts health care reform was described by White House officials as the "model" for the Affordable Care Act. The Massachusetts plan included a mandate requiring individuals to purchase insurance coverage. Romney's criticism of the Affordable Care Act may be a convenient GOP talking point, but the truth is, it's just the latest flip flop from a candidate who embraced government health reform in the past.

adjective/noun: (1) Relating to an economic or political theory advocating government ownership of production entities and distribution of goods. (2) A Republican term used to discredit any successful regulation or government program or initiative, such as the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, fuel efficiency standards, or the Food Safety Modernization Act. Especially used to mischaracterize some of President Obama's trademark legislative achievements—the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the auto industry rescue loans, and the Affordable Care Act.

Source: - 11/9/11
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At first glance, Google+ is a div extravaganza.... I have yet to find one single ul. There are a few H's but not many. No sections or nav or anything... what gives?
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I've had this Beck tune stuck in my head since I first heard it yesterday.
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Our bike-to-work crew won a sweet award from the Active Transportation Alliance!

More info about the friendly Bike Commuter Challenge competition:

Thanks to +Daphne Karagianis for entering us. =)
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Neat - you can share Stream items with individual people instead of circles.
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Aaron Salmon changed his profile photo.
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